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beautifully-simple cleaning products for a healthy, happy home

Table of Contents
1 | For pots and pans
2 | After baking
3 | Clean the stove

Did you get carried away when you were pan searing that halibut? Or cook that rice just a little too long? (Don't even mention that burnt lasagna!). Save the strength you spent on rubbing and scrubbing dishes, because removing crusted grime from your dishes is a thing of the past. Grab Green's Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods picks up where you left off--and what you left behind. Here are 10 ways to use this super time-saving kitchen companion:

1. Remove stuck on rice, meat & burnt marinara

Cleaning your burnt cookware with coke, salt, vinegar, baking soda, ammonia or dryer sheets is a waste of energy and could potentially be dangerous. Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner allows you to remove burnt-on food in minutes, using naturally-derived ingredients and a non-toxic and biodegradable formula.

2. Remove that lingering odor from cast iron skillets and saute pans

Cast iron skillets and saute pans are perfect for putting that savory flavor in your entree. Taking the flavor out so it doesn't linger over to the next use, however, is a whole different task. Try cleaning those heavy duty pots and pans with Cookware & Bakeware Cleaning Pods. They'll smell fresh and clean like the day you bought them.

Great Recipe ideasTry this quick and yummy cast iron skillet recipe by Buns in My Oven before wiping the slate squeaky clean!  

It's important to treat heirloom-quality cookware with the highest degree of care and safety. To make sure grandma's vintage cookware is washed with love, GrabGreen Cookware & Bakeware Cleaning Pods are made of naturally-derived ingredients and a non-toxic and biodegradable formula. The pods work hard to soften the food and separate the particles from the pan gently, as to not damage the dishes that mean the most to you.

3. Cut back on time spent hand washing

Cleaning Pods put in the hard work so you don't have to. Just toss the Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pod into dirty cookware/bakeware, fill with hot water and use utensil to swish and dissolve pod, and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes and wash as usual. Free time just appeared into your schedule as if it were pure magic.

Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods are naturally-derived and really pack a punch to completely rid pots and pans of the most stubborn burnt food and baked-on grease.

The magic occurs immediately when the blend of naturally-derived ingredients mixes with water to penetrate the burnt, stuck-on foods. Within minutes of activation, your cookware or bakeware is free of scorched food residue. Simply rinse (you don't even have to repeat) and voilà, it's clean.

4. Keep the sparkle in your glassware/ pyrex after making a casserole

We love our glassware, but hate the duty of making sure it's sparkling clean after every use. Every leftover smudge and grease stain is noticeable. Next time you're cooking up a delicious casserole in your glassware/ pyrex dishes, use the Cleaning Pods. Ingredients like sodium carbonate make sure the only thing that's left behind is bright sparkle. 

5. Clean your heavy duty cookers with a heavy duty cleaner

Dutch ovens and braisers can get a little tricker in the cleaning process; you spend all day cooking up a pot roast but shouldn't spend all day cleaning it out. Enter Cookware & Bakeware Cleaning Pods-- the natural cleaning pod for heavy duty dishes!

6. Finally Clean Your Oven Racks/Shelves

Oven racks are often neglected. The old out of sight out of mind mentality prevails. But if you ever actually take a look, unrecognizable food bits that have been charred into oblivion can be found hanging off the rack. Yuck, who wants to touch that? Here's the fix. Get a large tray or bucket, fill with water and put those racks in. Pop a pod in the tray and check back 5 minutes later.

7. No more sticky mess after baking

GrabGreen Cookware & Bakeware Cleaning Pods works on all different kinds of material, including aluminum baking sheets. Perfect for sending your child to school with the perfect sweet snack for the whole class! Go ahead, get dirty up your cake pans, cupcake and muffin pans, ramekins and soufflés dishes. There's a cleaning solution for that!

Great Recipe ideasSInce you no longer have to worry about sticky pots and pans, try making these sticky buns. This super simple vegan recipe only has a few ingredients.  

8. Blast Away Built-Up Food on your Stovetop / Gas Range Grate

Some people go months without cleaning these but all of that grease that splats out from your pots and pans ends up dripping down on these. Fine, a sponge and some Degreaser works reasonably well, but eventually you need to do an overhaul because that sponge can't get down into the crevices. Here's what you do: Get a large tray or bucket, fill with water and put those risers in. Pop a pod in the tray and check back 5 minutes later.

9. De-Gunk your Barbecue Racks/Shelves

Most people power through the cleaning of their BBQ racks using a lot of elbow grease in the process. For in between cleaning a good Degreaser will work, but once in awhile you need to press the reset button and go back to factory settings. In comes Cookware & Bakeware Cleaning Pods. Get a large tray or bucket, fill with water and put those risers in. Pop a pod in the tray, grab a glass of vino and check back 5 minutes later.

Clean happier and healthier

GrabGreen is dedicated to showing our eco-love wherever we can. Cookware & Bakeware Cleaning Pods are no exception. The combination of safe ingredients work together to provide a healthier and more responsible clean after each use:

  • Sodium carbonate softens the water to allow for the cleaning ingredients to penetrate.
  • Sodium carbonate peroxide naturally removes foods, sodium citrate assists in cleaning
  • The C10-16 sodium salt dramatically enhances food removal
  • Diamyl sodium suffocuccinate is the final super cleaning ingredient.

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