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bleach alternative

 this laundry booster brightens both whites and colors, removes stains and neutralizes odors.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
Fragrance Free
2 Loads
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Real Clean, Real Green

Helps make colors brighter and whites’ whiter—the natural way!

Brightening whites and removing stains just got a whole lot easier with Bleach Alternative. Safe for colors, it’s  super effective as a laundry booster in the wash, and when used as a pre-treater.  

Free of any harsh chemicals that can ruin colored clothing, it lifts stains, rids clothes of unsavory odors, and can be thrown in with virtually any load -- no worrying about bleach stains ever again.

Grab Green's pre-measured concentrated pods are simple to use and worry free. There's no over-pouring of detergent which eliminates wasted product and saves you money.

These eco-responsible pods were formulated with naturally-derived ingredients and for high efficiency (HE) and standard machines.


Use It For More Than Just Laundry

What makes out Bleach Alternative unique is that it isn’t just for laundry. Yes, you can use it a pretreatment for stains on your clothes or throw it in the wash as a detergent boost, but that’s not all it is good for. Other uses include:

Carpet Stain Remover

Tired of those spots on the carpet you just can’t seem to remove? Simply mix one pod with two cups of water to create powerful stain removing power. Just apply the mixture to the spot you are trying to treat and allow it to sit for approximately 30 minutes. After,  carefully blot carefully with a sponge. Run a sweeper over the entire carpet to pick up any excess dirt and you’ll be spot-free.

Remove Exercise Odor

Workout clothes can easily become dingy and easily build up odors. Our Bleach Alternative will not only help give life back to your workout clothes, but will also neutralize the odors that just never seem to go away. Simply fill your sink with warm water, throw in a pod, and submerge your workout gear. Leave them in for about an hour for clean, fresh, odor free garments.

Remove Odors from the Trash Bin

Trash bins  hold a variety of smelly substances that mix together creating a hard-to-remove, unpleasant odor. Mix 2 pods with a gallon of warm water, pour it into the bin, and let it sit for about an hour. After, rinse out the can with water and let dry. This trick also works with storage containers.


true transparency

we want you to know what's inside, and why!

If there is any question about the Safety of an ingredient, we find an alternative and we always avoid the use of anything unnecessary.

Patricia Spencer

—co-founder, president & product formulator

How/Why we use it
What it is
sodium carbonate peroxide
cleans + removes stains + brightens
Natural mineral; oxidizing agent; breaks down into sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleach, and as an antimicrobial agent. The sodium carbonate boosts the bleaching effect of the hydrogen peroxide.
sodium carbonate
water softener
Natural mineral; also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals, it’s well known for its everyday use as a water softener and helps detergents fully dissolve for maximum efficacy.
polyvinyl alcohol
forms the pod
Biodegradable water soluble film; a colourless, water-soluble resin often utilized in treating textiles and paper.


how to use
grab & toss pod into washer drum or place into powder detergent dispenser
load clothes
reseal pouch for freshness
Safety information

Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Do not eat! Harmful if swallowed. If swallowed, drink water and contact a physician.




1. Can the bleach alternative be used alone or is it supposed to be used with laundry detergent?
Grab Green Bleach Alternative is a laundry booster and add-in. To be used correctly, add one pod of our eco-friendly Bleach Alternative in with a natural laundry detergent and run the wash.

2. Are the bleach alternative products safe for septic tanks?
The Bleach Alternative pods are septic tank safe.

3. Do your bleach alternative pods disinfect like Clorox?
This natural alternative to bleach is made from naturally-derived, plant and mineral based ingredients; therefore, it does not disinfect. But this chlorine bleach alternative is highly effective in removing stains and neutralizing odors all without the use of chemicals.
4. Can you use the bleach alternative on whites and colors?
Our bleach substitute works great on both colors and whites! The natural ingredients whiten whites and brighten colors. It’s the perfect laundry bleach substitute.

5. How does the bleach alternative not have bleach?
Our bleach alternative whitens whites, brightens colors, neutralizes odors, removes stains, and the best part - it's NON-TOXIC. That means no bleach here! The combination of natural ingredients makes this a highly effective product. and the best alternative to using bleach.
Bleach Alternatve is:
  • Hypoallergenic Formula

  • Animal Friendly: Not Tested On Animals

  • Made in the USA (with domestic & imported materials)

  • Convenient, Pre-measured Pods

  • Formulated for HE and Standard Washing Machines

  • No Optical Brighteners

  • Fragrance Free

  • Use Also As Spot and Stain Remover

  • Easy open/close packaging ensures freshness.


honest reviews from real customers
  • Andry


    Convenient and effective

    These pods are effective and convenient, great for eliminating overuse of product.

  • Lisette



    I no longer buy toxic bleach. I use the bleach alternative pods in my wash. My clothes come out clean and fresh smelling. I use the pods to also clean my home. I use in tubs, toilets, and carpet cleaner.

  • Jan Mahan


    Bleach Alt. Pods.ROCK for septic systems

    Hey,"GREEN" friends,
    Ok,I have used the Bleach alt. pods now for quite awhile.I found a new use for them in addition to whitening our clothes. We have a spetic system,and I wanted something to throw in the toilet tank to keep the bowl sparkling.ENTER::::Grab Green Alternative Pods.Plunk one in every other week,and watch how quickly the mineral stains leave your bowl!!!!!!
    So happy,I decided,what thge H...,I am going to try it. It works!!Thanx,Grab Green

  • jeel


    Best non chlorine bleach

    Love the cleaning power of this bleach. I have used it for a few years now and it has never disappointed me. It is great at removing stains from my hard working dishtowels and napkins. Glad I took the chance and tried. Wonderful product. No more sneezing when doing the laundry either.

  • Rook


    Love this Product

    Love this product. Very safe even dark clothes

  • Itzybellababy


    Love this stuff

    I have been a fan of Grab Green for years. I was fortunate to get in on their fab deal on Black Friday- got to try this soap for the first time.

    Fragrance free is great for us. With a sensitive family that gets filthy we also need a good detergent. This one gets the dirt out, rinses clean and we love it. Thanks!

  • Gina, Embracing Imperfect


    They really make clothing look brighter!

    The pack comes with 24 pods, which is far better than 20 that comes with other brands. Relative to other greener brands I’ve purchased, I did notice a difference. The whites definitely looked brighter without that annoying dazzle look. (It’s just me, I think it’s weird if clothes shine.)

    To read the whole review:

  • Eileen via


    Grab Green Bleach Alternative - Great Stuff!

    We live in an area with very hard water, and even with an excellent water softening system, it is not enough (Too many hard particles). This product works great at getting out stains even in difficult water conditions. I have a front load washer and really love the convenience of being able to toss the little package into the washer with the cloths and hit the button. No measuring of messy liquids or loose powders. So far this product is working great!!!

  • Ledenec,


    Great Stuff

    Does job very well and has an excellent EWG's rating

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Fragrance Free
Free and pure of additives, our fragrance free is unscented, hypo-allergenic and free of dyes, phosphates, chlorine and masking agents.

questions? contact us!

888.841.4722 M-F 9am-5pm (PST)

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