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The 12 Most Broken New Year’s Resolutions

We’re all guilty of it– breaking a New Year’s resolution when it’s barely April. So much for “New year, new me,” right? Don’t beat yourself up. Here are the 12 most broken resolutions made in the new year and abandoned shortly after.

loseWeight1. Lose weight

Every year we vow to put down the pizza and pick up the barbell. We join a fancy gym, buy healthy options at the grocery store, and we might even try that juice cleanse your best friend won’t stop raving about. By February, we’re practically a whole new person. Bring on bikini season!… and another slice of pizza.

2. Get to work early (or at least on time)

It’s time we show the boss we mean business; it’s time for that promotion they’ve promised us. Best way to get on top of things? Show up early. Until there’s a morning meltdown with the kids, then better just show up on time. Then there’s that time your little one is sick and you’re running around trying to find a sitter. Maybe just 5 minutes late? Oh well, maybe next year.

3. Be on top of the household chores

In the new year, you imagine your home spotless from top to bottom all year long. The only way to keep it clean year-round is to make sure you’re on top of every nook and cranny every day of the week. Yeah right.

Tip:there are shortcuts you can take to make your home ‘appear’ it’s clean and tidy. Click to find out 25 quick and easy cleaning tips for busy people who don’t have time to clean.


4. Cut back on the booze

There’s nothing like a cold beer on a hot day, or a pina colada (or two or three) while you’re on vacation. Can’t your evening cocktails come with health benefits too? Switching out your wine for water is a plan set on January 1st and forgotten about after that long day at work. This tends to happen around January 2nd.

5. Be on the phone less

It’s a terrible habit– texting and checking your Facebook at all hours of the day. We tell ourselves, for the new year, we’ll put our phones away and perhaps make ourselves open to meeting new people and making new connections. Then again, that’s a lot of work. And Two Dots just came out with all new levels.

6. Stop frivolous spending

coffeeI spent HOW much on Starbucks this year?! Never again, we tell ourselves at the end of December. Never again will we buy coffee when we can make it at home, or buy lunch instead of bringing it. But, if we weren’t meant to buy delicious coffees every day of the week, loyalty cards wouldn’t have been invented. Right?

7. Get to bed earlier

This is the year of good health! As we get older, we tell ourselves every year we will start taking care of ourselves; this starts with shutting the lights off earlier and even getting up earlier. You can blame Netflix for breaking this resolution every year.

8. Reduce My Carbon Footprint

We all know we should eat organic, use earth-friendly products, and take shorter showers. And 2016 is going to be the year you become a more eco-responsible human being, you declare on January 1. But… while shopping you notice the organic strawberries cost more. And that hot shower just feels so good. (30 minutes is a short shower, isn’t it?) And darn it, that natural glass cleaner left streaks. Major fail on all counts.

But wait, your friend tells you about Grab Green’s laundry and cleaning products that are non-toxic AND effective! Now at least you can feel good that at least you aren’t introducing harmful toxins into your home.

9. Cook more, eat-out less

cookingEven though it’s quick and tasty, take-out racks up a bill and packs on the unnecessary calories. So, you plan to cook more homemade meals. Why can’t cooking be as easy as ordering pizza?

10. Read more

Netflix ruled 2015, but we promise to not let it take over 2016. Time to finally read that classic novel you’ve been wanting to crack open for a while. You’ll just watch TV on the weekends…and the weekdays…and at night…sometimes in the morning….Who are we kidding. Bring on binge-watching. Reading can wait.

11. Follow-through with my side projects

What ever happened to that sweater you were knitting? Or that short story you started to write? You decide this year you’ll finally put your extra curricular activities first; it’s time to finish all those projects you started. Then again, better pick it up again next January.


12. Meditate

We all know the benefits of meditation. It’s supposed to calm and sharpen the mind and give us sustainable energy and focus. So, each and every year I make the goal of meditating everyday and each and every year that goal lasts about one month. I think I’m doing it right; I wake up early, find a quiet place, get comfortable and close my eyes for the 20 minute exercise. The problem is, normally in about minute 8, just as I’m settling into it, the dog starts barking, which then wakes up my toddler who comes bounding down the steps crying because she couldn’t find me in my bedroom. Like I said, I can’t take the stress for more than a month. I guess when my toddler’s a teenager and they invent non-barking dogs, It might be achievable!

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