Here’s an expert round-up of 21 amazingly delicious snacks to satiate the midnight munchies expertly crafted by the best food bloggers on the internet.

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21 Scrumptious Snacks to Satiate the Midnight Munchies

Everyone catches a case of the midnight nibbles from time to time (or every night!). It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. However, the old ‘handful of cereal and spoonful of ice cream’ combination can get a little boring. Here’s an expert round-up of 21 amazingly delicious  snacks to satiate the midnight munchies expertly crafted by the best food bloggers around the internet. Satiate your late night cravings as suggested by experts:

1. Bananas and oats

This Rawsome Vegan Life blogger Emily von Euw recommends a simple yet scrumptious combination– bananas and oats. Oatmeal and bananas are filled with filling fibers and nutrients to curb your midnight appetite. That’s a snack you won’t feel bad splurging on!


Here’s an expert round-up of 21 amazingly delicious snacks to satiate the midnight munchies expertly crafted by the best food bloggers on the internet.

2. Apple crisp Delite

Late night snacks aren’t meant to be complicated; they are meant to be satisfying and delicious. Food blogger Lindsay from Pinch of Yum created the Five Minute Single Serving Apple Crisp for such an occasion when you’re looking for something easy and scrumptious. Check out the Apple Crisp Delite recipe here.





bacon egg and cheese recipe. julies eats and treats

3. Healthy egg and cheese burrito

Food blogger Julie Evink knows that everyone loves breakfast– no matter what time of the day it is. Creator of Julie’s Eats and Treats, her 12 am treat is for the breakfast lovers out there: “My favorite go to snack is a high fiber tortilla, a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese on it and one scrambled egg that I make in the microwave! Healthy, Cheesy Egg Burrito that fills me up and I don’t keep munching after that! I like to change up the flavor of cheese to give me variety. Can’t go wrong with this treat!”



4. Whole wheat banana bread


There’s something sweet and satisfying about banana bread that puts our tummies (and taste buds) to rest. Genius food blogger Kate from Cookie and Kate delivers just the healthy banana bread recipe for your late night satisfaction: Get the banana bread recipe


5. Homemade sweet treat

oatballsDietitian, mother, bakery owner, food lover and blogger extraordinaire Kath knows food. Her blog Kath Eats Real Food shares tons of yummy and healthy recipes packed with enough flavor and nutrition to go around. “I love any kind of homemade balls for snacks,” said Kath. “You can roll them together in a matter of minutes with a multitude of ingredients from your pantry, and you know that what you’re eating is made with real food. This peanut butter and chocolate chip ball recipe is a favorite of mine!






6. Pretzel bits

Sometimes, simple can be oh-so-satisfying. Ali from Gimme Some Oven understands the need for easy bites to put your mind and body at ease. Try her 3-Ingredient Pretzel Bites! Combine flat pretzels, Laughing Cow cheese spread and drained pimentos. That’s snacking done right.




Dr Jean Layton. gluten free dr7. Healthy popcorn

If there’s anyone who knows about healthy snacking, it’s “Gluten-free Doctor” Jean Layton. Dr. Jean Layton’s blog Gluten Free Doctor swears by a healthy gluten-free lifestyle. What does the doctor recommend? “Got to admit, my late night snacking is still pretty healthy,” said Dr. Layton.  

“I adore air popped organic corn with Bragg’s Brewers yeast or powdered cheddar cheese from Cabot.” Who can turn down a little late night popcorn?


hot chocolate

8. Hot chocolate

Flashback to your younger years when you looked forward to snuggling up with hot chocolate after dinner. Ella from Deliciously Ella food blog urges you to reconnect with the good old days with her healthy homemade hot chocolate recipe. All you need is almond milk, date syrup, raw cocoa and almond butter.





9. Blueberry Creme Smoothie

Who better to consult a midnight craving than the Midnight Baker herself? Judith Hanneman suggests a her light and berry delicious smoothie recipe




10. Soy and sesame edamame

Caroline is a food blogger dedicated to offering the world healthier options through her blog Pickled Plum. Her quick and healthy soy and sesame edemame is worth a try for the salty-food snackers out there.  




fit indian

11. Toast and bananas

Bipasha Mukherjee is a blogger for the health blog The Fit Indian. Her suggestion for a midnight bite? Toast and bananas! “This combination has complex carbohydrates, which produce melatonin in the brain and help you fall asleep easily. It will also bring a gradual rise in insulin and help you relax. Bananas contain magnesium and potassium which will relax the muscles of your body and promote sleep.”


gluten free girl popcorn

12. Gourmet popcorn and chocolate

Love all things gluten-free? Shauna Ahern, or the gluten-free girl of the popular food blog “Gluten Free Girl and the Chef” says “hot popcorn with butter, herbs Provence, and sea salt!” And if that doesn’t settle your munchies, “dark chocolate.”




stuffed dates


13. Stuffed dates and goat cheese

Skinny Ms fitness blog features a stuffed date and goat cheese snack recipe– the perfect soft snack at midnight!





table for two14. Maple cinnamon spiced nuts

Feeling like doing a little prep work during the day to enjoy your snack later at night? Try baking Table for Two’s Maple Cinnamon Spiced Nuts recipe when you have some spare time in the afternoon. Your tummy will be thanking you at midnight! 





averie cooks

15. Granola

If you ask Averie of Averie Cooks, she’ll recommend granola from Love Grown Foods before hitting the hay. Her favorite is cocoa granola– “A perfect balance of sweetness, chocolaty-ness, and goodness, indeed.”




skinny pig16. The three course snack

If you’re looking for a hearty midnight snack– something a cut above an apple and some pretzels– Skinny Pig food blogger Dara Pollak’s got the recipe for satisfaction. “Here’s how I see it: if there are takeout leftovers in the fridge, they’re the first to go. Always. Cold lo mein is probably my biggest weakness. And if I want something crunchy and somewhat healthy, I take pickle spears and wrap them in cold cuts – like turkey and cheddar cheese. Then I usually follow it up with a generous dunk into some hummus mixed with sriracha.”



17. Apples and cheese

Skinny Mom blogger Katie Olson says “The best late-night snacks combine three elements — protein, complex carbohydrates, and a little bit of calcium.” She recommends setting your body up for a good night’s rest by eating foods with Tryptophan in it, because “promotes the release of serotonin, greatly contributes to the sleep process.” Katie Olson suggests trying out an apple with an ounce of cheese! That’s snacking done smart.



18. Sweet satisfaction

When your sweet tooth is acting up, Lovin the Oven blogger Kim Militello urges you to not ignore the calling! “My favorite midnight snack would have to be donuts. There’s a reason why the majority of donut stores are open 24:7. I’m the one making the drive in the moonlight to pick up those warm, fresh out of the oven, beautifully dipped, sugar twists. I’m also a fan of the cinnamon crumb, glazed, and maple donuts… anything but cake donuts is fine by me!”


19. Snack-less filler

Ashley Koff’s website Ashley Koff Approved is the ideal place to find out about healthy eating options. What what are her thoughts on late night snacks? “I must confess I don’t believe in satiating the midnight with a nibble,” admitted Koff.  “So I don’t think I the best to advise as I would not have a midnight nibble but rather expect you to be in bed (unless you are a night worker which I have other plans for). My only option would be to take some Natural Calm (magnesium) and head back to or straight to bed.”


20. Closeby granola

One Sweet Mess is the holy grail of food blogs for bakers and amateur chefs alike. Creator Jennie Phaneuf’s got the answers for your midnight dilemma: “My favorite late-night snack is usually homemade granola or Goldfish Grahams. I keep a mason jar of each on my nightstand for midnight snacking sessions (which is often).” Keeping your snacks close
by– dangerous!


Anetta. wanderlust kitchen550

21. Creative concoction

Anetta Lancaster is one fabulous food blogger who says “no thank you” to boring snack options. Creator of The Wanderlust Kitchen, her late night snack recipe is fun and creative: “I tend to get on ‘kicks’ of eating the same snacks over and over. Right now, it’s a toasted bagel with cream cheese, orange marmalade, and a sprinkling of chopped pecans. Sometimes I’ll throw a few dried cranberries on there as well! It reminds me of those addictive cranberry-orange scones they sell at Starbucks during the holidays. Completely crave-worthy!”

Time To Clean Up

Snacking at midnight usually leaves behind trails of crumbs and sticky stuff. If you’re like me, those messes don’t get cleaned up until the next day. Try NOT to be like me and clean up your mess right away so it doesn’t attract ants and other unwanted visitors. Keep some Grab Green All Purpose Cleaner in your kitchen for those midnight messes. This naturally-derived cleaner is non-toxic and smells amazing. My favorite is Thyme with Fig Leaf. This heavenly scent  is the perfect finish to your scrumptious snack!











HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to this yummy article. Please share if you think these recipes will be useful when you have the midnight nibbles.

Let us know in the comments section which 3 ideas were your favorite!


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  1. I’m usually in bed by 10:30 but you’ve given me some great reasons to stay up till midnight!

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    This is perfect! I am always wondering what else (other than pizza) I can eat when I get my late lunch munchies.

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    The stuffed dates and goat cheese sound super yummy, and not too unhealthy!

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    I love a few pita chips when I am wide awake and can’t get to sleep.

  7. I like Snapea Crisps Harvest Snaps. They look like crisp pea pods, are low in sodium, and gluten free and taste good. Another good snack is Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips with hummus. Both of these are ready to eat.

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    Awesome list of delicious snacks, I would like to try apple crisp.

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  10. Please confirm if they all are good Diabetic person or not.

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