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3 Summer Cocktail Recipes to Make Before Summer Ends


1.    The Liberty // Refreshing

This cocktail is easy to whip up and perfect for groups. Like a honey whiskey infused sweat tea, this warm-weather drink puts you in the mood for some backyard sippin’.

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2. Lemoncello-Bourbon // Citrusy, Aromatic

Made with a little bourbon and Italian herbed brandy, this is strong but smooth floral cocktail. If you’re one who likes an old fashioned, this is one to try. I like to make this one for a relaxing evening in during the week or low-key date nights at home.

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3. The Firecracker // Refreshing

Since its summer, we’ve been loving this watermelon-cucumber drink. Though its name “The Firecracker” may sound like it packs a punch of spice, it’s the zing of the lime that gives this drink its name. This is a great daytime cocktail. Have some girl friends over and share some firecrackers!

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