5 Cleaning Myths and the Truth you Need to Know + 6 of Our Favorite Grab Green Solutions

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5 Cleaning Myths and the Truth you Need to Know

Today’s best cleaning products are much more advanced, and there are brands aplenty, which can make sorting through the chaos a little challenging. What do you really need to look for in cleaning products?

From extravagant soap pours to feather dusters, over the years, we have accumulated several myths about cleaning methods and which products to use to clean effectively. Some of these myths might have come from truth (is it held true or held truth?) when they first originated, but since then, our knowledge about health and disease prevention has grown leaps and bounds, and the popular information about cleaning (specifically healthy cleaning) has not.

That’s why we’re debunking the myths about best cleaning practices you need to know the truth about. If it sounds overwhelming, that’s ok! That’s why we’re here with this guide; to suggest our favorite Grab Green products that will get your house in tip-top shape without exposing you or your family to toxic chemicals or environmentally irresponsible ingredients.

The tide is turning green, Grab Green (pun and J.Bond reference intended).

Myth #1: The more soap the cleaner the clothes. Too much detergent can cause damage and fungal buildup in your clothes and washing machine.

It’s a common misconception that more soap will result in cleaner clothes, but the truth is quite the opposite. Excess detergent that isn’t removed after a normal rinse cycle, builds up on your clothes, linens, and other laundry items, trapping your dead skin, oils, and sweat in the fabrics, which can cause mold and mildew to build up in your clothes.

On top of that, many conventional and leading-brand detergents are already overly sudsy and difficult to remove in a single rinse cycle. Some people resort to rinsing their laundry more than once to completely remove the detergent, which wastes time, energy and water! A better option is to simply buy a detergent that rinses cleanly the first time so you only need to rinse once, not twice – saving up to 10,000 gallons of water each year, depending on your particular washer.

Grab Green Tips

  • Implement a Mono-dose system: remove the guesswork and start using pre-measured laundry detergent
  • Choose a Clean-rinse detergent like those made by Grab Green. Grab Green laundry pods are awesome because they meet both needs – there’s no measuring involved, so you use exactly the amount you need, and Grab Green’s plant and mineral-based laundry detergents outperforms leading brands like Tide when it comes to rinsability. The secret to this superior rinsability lies in the type of surfactant used in Grab Green’s formulas. Grab Green’s pods outperform Tide when removing the most common household laundry stains.
  • Same idea goes for dishwashing – too much detergent can cause over-sudsing in your dishwasher and damage your machine and your dishes. Use GG pods for the dishwasher

Myth #2: Bleach is the surest way to clean something. Bleach doesn't contain surfactants (the compound needed for cleaning), and because of this, it cannot remove dirt, soil and grime, therefore it actually doesn't clean anything.

If not a cleaner, then what is it? As you probably suspected, bleach is a stain lightener, making things look cleaner, and is a disinfectant that can kill some bacteria and mold. Bleach can kill mold that is on hard, non-porous surfaces (i.e. kitchen or bathroom counter-tops, tubs, and shower doors), which means it won’t remove that mold we mentioned in Myth 1.

We know it can be hard, but it’s important to stop thinking that bleach smell is the smell of clean. There are a lot of myths about the powers of bleach, the dangers outweigh the benefits of bleach, especially considering the number of healthier cleaning options that are now available in the market.

Grab Green Tips

  • Step Away from the Bleach – Find a Bleach Alternative.
    Bleach is damaging to the environment, your skin, and your clothes. Instead of the dangerous stuff, use environment-friendly sodium carbonate peroxide for whitening power that won’t cause damage. We love Grab Green’s Bleach Alternative because it whitens whites and brightens colors all without bleach.
  • Try whitening your toilet bowl with bleach alternative. If your toilet bowl is not as white as you’d like it to be, try using a bleach alternative that only takes a few minutes. Just drop a Grab Green Bleach Alternative pod in the toilet, let it dissolve (maybe give it a swirl with your toilet bowl brush!) and leave it soak. Just like it would with a load of laundry, Bleach Alternative brightens, whitens and removes stains with all naturally-derived ingredients. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

 Myth #3: Feathers are the fairest of them all. Not exactly.

Genuine ostrich-feather dusters do attract dust, but they don’t make the best dusters. “They’re expensive and are generally not as effective as lambswool or microfiber options,” according to cleaning pro Debrah Vanchur, “most feather dusters just spread the dust around.” Also, they tend to drop feathers, leaving you more to pick up.

Grab Green Tip

  • After the second use of Grab Green’s Wet Dryer Sheet, use it to wipe away furniture dust.

Myth #4: You need an ammonia-based cleaner for glass and mirrored surfaces. No. a holistically developed cleaning solution made with non-toxic, safe ingredients can gives you a great, streak-free clean without the use of ammonia and other toxic chemicals.

Ammonia is a popular all-in-one cleaning agent used for polishing mirrored and glass surfaces, as well as bathroom fixtures and sinks because it reacts with oils and fats to create soap, and then evaporates without leaving streaks. However, it is highly toxic, especially if mixed with bleach.

Ammonia is almost always inhaled. Frequent and long-term exposure to even lower concentrations to chemicals like bleach and ammonia can cause asthma, lung and other breathing problems. According to the National Capital Poison Center, cleaners rank second in most common poison exposures for children and young adults. Yikes! Lower and eliminate the likelihood for accidental poisoning by cleansing your home of toxic cleaners and replacing them with eco-responsible and non-toxic brands.

Grab Green Tips

  • Grab Green’s Glass Cleaner gives you a great, streak-free clean without the use of ammonia and other toxic chemicals. Our glass cleaner is fragrance free and made with plant- and mineral-based ingredients; it’s safe to use around all your family members, even those with allergies or asthma.

Myth #5: Vinegar is an effective cleaner While vinegar is a natural reducer of certain bacteria, it is not effective in removing dirt and soil.

In 1994, the Journal of Environmental Health tested the cleaning performance of 6 alternative cleaners, including vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda, as well as cleaners as strong as borax and ammonia. The experiment measured cleanliness on two criteria: bacterial reduction and soil reduction, and found “vinegar was more effective in reducing microbial contamination than the other alternative cleaners but was least effective in removing soil… For cleaning soil with these types of microbes, a vinegar rinse following cleaning with a more effective soil removing alternative cleaner may be effective in reducing microbial contamination.”

Grab Green Tips

  • Use Grab Green All Purpose Cleaner or Degreaser.
  • Grab Green’s All Purpose Cleaner is scientifically formulated using natural ingredients to remove difficult dirt, grease, and grime. It penetrates dirt and grime quickly for a streak-free clean. This non-toxic cleaner is free of phosphates, ammonia, or formaldehyde, and safe to use on granite, laminate, glass, stainless steel, tile & grout, appliances, wood furnishings & floors, painted walls, and even carpet.
  • Remove stickers on the wall with Grab Green Power Degreaser.
    We understand the hesitation to give the little ones a pretty new pack of stickers… there’s always that chance they’ll end up all over the walls. Once they’re on there, it seems almost impossible to get them off. Next time the kiddos turn your home into a sticker museum, soak a towel in Grab Green Power Degreaser and dab over the stickers until they are soaked and soft. The stickers should peel right off. Plus, it leaves no sticky residue and freshens your home with the scents of Red Pear with Magnolia, Tangerine with Lemongrass or Thyme with Fig Leaf.

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