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8 Easy Tips For Swimwear Care All Season Long


Thank goodness it’s swimsuit season!

Time to break out our favorite water wear and relax under the sun. The only thing that could put a damper on swimsuit season is worn-out swimwear; is there anything more frustrating than a swimsuit losing its perfect fit in the laundry? Make sure you know these laundry how-tos for the best swimwear care.


1 | Rinse it out ASAP

Right when you’re done taking a dip in the pool or riding the ocean waves, rinse out your suit in clean water. This will wash away any lingering sunscreen, chlorine and sea salt.


2 | Air dry only (but not in the sun!)

Putting your precious swimwear in the dryer will only stretch out the delicate elastic causing it to eventually lose its flattering shape. Air dry your bathing suit in shaded areas on a flat surface. Avoid drying in the sun so your suit’s colors don’t fade!


3 | Clean with Delicate Detergent

Treat your suits to Grab Green Delicate Laundry Detergent for a soft and gentle cleaning. To take extra care of your suits, we recommend hand washing with the Delicate Laundry Pods.

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To do this just fill your sink with cold or warm water, break open the pod, let your suit soak for about 5 minutes, and rinse out! No sunscreen streaks or rough chlorine left behind—just a soft touch with an amazing fit.

PRO-TIP! For those who prefer to machine wash, put your bathing suit in a mesh washing bag or pillowcase to help minimize the risk that the suit will tear, stretch, or twist around the machine.


4 | Set your machine to cold wash and delicate

Wash the suit on the delicate, cold cycle, together with other delicates to help protect the suit from over-agitation. Like stated above, we recommend putting your suit in a mesh washing bag or pillowcase!


5 | Use a baking soda or vinegar stain-remover

We expose our suits to the wear and tear of summertime—sunscreen, food, yummy poolside cocktails, finger foods. If you find unwanted stains on your suit, don’t panic! Just sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda directly onto the stain, and let it to sit for an hour or two before washing gently as directed above. You can also soak the bathing suit in one part distilled white vinegar and three parts warm water before washing.


6 | Keep your suit far, far away from your towel after use

Your towel is full of all the chemicals and harsh material from the pool or beach. So, after you’ve taken off your suit, don’t wrap it in the towel on the way home. Place your suit in a plastic bag instead!


7 | Just say no to bleachbleachAlt_3Sizes-35

Bleach causes discoloration and damage and should not make contact with your delicate swimwear. Also, swimsuits should not be ironed. If wrinkling occurs, simply dampen the suit slightly and they should easily fall out. If you really want to achieve a deep clean try a Bleach Alternative instead. Safe for colors, Grab Green Bleach Alternative is an amazing laundry booster both in the wash, and when used for pre-treatment. And the best part, it’s non-toxic and gentle on your clothes and skin.


8 | Store it on a flat surface

Store your suit on a shelf, in a lined box, or even in a shoe box. This helps preserve the shape of the suit all season long!





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