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8 Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Tips

Are your household chores never ending? Can you even remember the last time you had free time? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are in need of some easy house cleaning tips to free up your schedule. We have come up with 8 eco-friendly house cleaning secrets that we just had to share with you!


  1. Don’t want to use chemicals to clean the inside of your oven? We wouldn’t either, and as an eco-friendly alternative you’re best off using vinegar and baking soda to do the trick.
  2. Use laundry pods or powder detergent instead of inefficient liquid detergent. Grab Green non-toxic laundry pods are pre-measured to cut down on waste and leave you with clean, odor free clothing. All without using chemicals that could damage the fabric or your skin.
  3. Get all of the crusty gook off the walls of your microwave by placing a sliced lemon in a large glass of water, and boiling it inside for several minutes. Once the microwave gets steamy, you’ll be able to wipe it clean effortlessly.
  4. One of our favorite house cleaning secrets – use toothpaste on your kids sneakers to make them shine like new.
  5. For almost every surface in your household, Grab Green All Purpose Cleaner is the best choice! Remove grit and grime with plant and mineral based ingredients. No sticky residue or toxic chemicals here!
  6. Clean out those hard to reach spaces in your vents by wrapping a towel at the end of a knife to reach into each slit and remove all the dust. Pro tip: this also works great with window blinds.
  7. Eliminate odors with a non-toxic Room Freshener that comes in seven beautifully balanced fragrances. You can use this product without worrying about putting harsh chemicals into the air that your kids breathe in! Another great non-toxic choice from Grab Green.
  8. Do you need a glass cleaner that doesn’t have that harsh chemical smell? Grab Green’s Glass Cleaner gives you a great, streak-free clean without the use of ammonia and other toxic chemicals.

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