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Best Ways to Degrease Your Grill After the Fire Goes Out

The party’s over, the guests have gone home with bellies full of steak, burgers, and brats, so now what? You’re left with a messy grease-laden grill that’s crying out for a good cleaning. So how do you deal with all that left-over gunk? Let’s look at how to properly degrease and clean your grill so that it’s ready for its next use.


  1. START WITH THE GRATE. The grate is arguably the most important part of the grill, since it is the point of contact with the foods being cooked. If you fire up the grill to its most intense heat right before you clean the grate, most of the grease and food debris left over is burned away – so you can just use a grill brush and brush away the remnants. Easy peasy – usually.

cleanGrill_allPurpose copy

  1. CLEAN THE REST OF THE GRILL. The grate should be a main focus of your post-grilling cleanup, but it’s also important to clean the rest of the grill. Grease has a tendency to splatter, which means that the hood of the grill, the sides of the grill, and any platforms around the grill tend to get their fair share of grease. Our Grab Green Power Degreaser is an excellent choice for cleaning these areas of your grill. Just spritz on our nontoxic degreaser, give it a few seconds to penetrate the grease, and then wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel.


  1. CLEAN GRILLING TOOLS & PANS. Clean grill pans (such as a rotisserie insert for grilling a whole bird) and grilling tools/utensils with Grab Green’s Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods. These pods remove burnt-on food from your grilling accessories with minimal effort – and they don’t require the typical overnight soaking either.


  1. DEEP CLEAN YOUR GRILL. Grilling pros recommend disassembling the grill once every grilling season to give each individual part individual attention; this is the best way to tackle some of the greasiest of build-up. Soak the parts in a solution of dish soap and hot water. Follow up with our Power Degreaser to eradicate any baked on grease and grime.

Another school of thought says to leave the grill as is until it’s time to use it again. The cooked-on debris protects the grate from corrosion and rust between uses. If you follow this line of thinking, heat the grill to its max setting before using again, burn off the debris, brush it off, and continue as usual. The cleaning goddess within tells us this just can’t be the best way, but we thought we’d throw it out there as an alternative.


Some of our readers weighed in with their own tips for degreasing the grill after the party’s over, including some of these tried-and-true methods:

  • Use a sponge with natural dish soap to cut through the grease.cleanGrill_allPurpose copy 2
  • Mix lemon juice with baking soda and remove grease with a scrubbing sponge and hot water. Another reader made her own cleaner from baking soda, essential oils, and castile soap.
  •  Use an onion to scrub off the grease.
  •  Use stainless steel wipes or cleaning grease from the grill’s exterior or a cloth dampened in soapy water for cleaning porcelain, ceramic, or cast-iron grills.

No matter what method you use to clean your grill, remember that keeping it clean is paramount to the it’s performance. Plus, a little cleaning NOW will help extend the grill’s useful service life and protect the investment you’ve made.


Happy Grilling!

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