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Is your bra making you look 10 years older?

If your breasts sag, stray, or look uneven, you may want to look at how you’re washing your bras. As it turns out, the maltreatment bras receive in the wash can greatly impact their ability to do what they’re designed to do–support and lift! A bra that’s improperly cared for can lead to sagging or an off-centered, asymmetrical appearance, all of which can make you look older than you actually are Learn what you can do to avoid this!


Brassieres Lost Their Perk?

The bottom band of the bra and it’s straps work to support, but they can’t do this properly if they are stretched out. Extending the life expectancy of the band and straps means caring for your bra’s elastic components. To avoid this unnatural sag and get a perkier look…

Is your bra making you look 10 years older?

  1.  Avoid wearing the same bra every day.
    The heat and oil from your body can cause deterioration of a bra’s elastic. Buy two or three good-fitting bras, Grab Green's delicate laundry detergent is perfect for lingerie, bras and fine linensand then alternate between them, giving the materials more time to recuperate between wears.
  2. Use a gentle detergent.
    Detergent that’s specifically formulated for delicate underthings and shapewear is paramount to keeping your favorite bras looking good and doing their job—supporting the girls! Grab Green Delicate Laundry Detergent is a great option.
  3.  Hand wash your bras.
    Hand wash your bras in lukewarm water. Do not wring the bras out excessively, since this stretches their elastic. Allow them to air dry.


Corral Straying Breasts

Another problem with bras over time is that they allow the breasts to go astray instead of keeping their most attractive shape–facing forward and centered. The problem likely lies in how you dry and store your bra. For best results…

Dry and store your bras properly for a long life

  1. Air dry your bras, especially bras with molded cups which tend to get tossed around and become misshapen in the dryer.
  2. After each wash, manually reshape the cups of the bra.
  3. Dry your bras flat, or hang them up so that the cups do not become creased.
  4. Store your bras in a drawer that doesn’t crush, fold or misshape the cups.


Even Them UpBlog_bra_extra copy2

A misshapen underwire leads to misshapen cleavage. If one of the underwires in your bra breaks, comes loose from the fabric in which it’s encased, or becomes bent, the result could be an asymmetrical bosom. Maltreatment in the washer is usually to blame.

Again, the key here is hand washing the bra and allowing it to air dry, but if you absolutely must wash it in the machine and dry it in the dryer, place your bra in a mesh laundry bag to reduce the damage inflicted on the bra and on the look of your bust.


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Finding a bra that you love and that loves you back by keeping your breasts looking their perkiest is not a small feat. Follow the tips above to extend the life of your bra and prevent premature sagging!

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