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17 Cleaning Hacks for College Kids

Cleaning tends to fall near the bottom of the priority list– trust me. As a current college student, I’m usually more worried about my next midterm rather than tackling that three week marinara explosion in the microwave. For us college kids, it all comes down to time and resources. Luckily, it’s possible to please your parents during visits and your roommates during the week with household items and just a few seconds. Here are 17 cleaning hacks for college kids to keep your dorm or apartment fresh, tidy and clean!


1 | There are crumbs on the floor and you’ve got to run to your next class

Step One: Grab a lint roller
Step Two: Roll across dirty area. You’d be amazed how much you’ll pick up in just a few minutes. Who says you need a vacuum? You can even use Wet Dryer Sheets after they come out of your dryer.













2 | You’re running out of space in your section of the fridge

Step One: Get 1 or 2 binder clips
Step Two: Clip on a bar about a foot away from the edge of the fridge. Make sure the two metal pinches are facing out and not closed in.
Step Three: Stack your glass bottle beverages or cans in a pyramid fashion so that they’re pushing against the clip, but immobile. You just bought yourself some clean up time for later and a little extra space!


3 | Your dorm stinks and company is coming over

Step One: Tape a dryer sheet over your AC
Step Two: Run the fan or AC until the smelly dorm transforms into a fragrant wonderland

4 | Your load is still a little damp after a full dry cycle and you’ve got a date tonight

Step One: Drape damp clothing over a floor fan or ceiling fan. Don’t fold! Folding damp clothes ruins the material.
Step Two: Turn fan on a low speed until clothes are no longer damp. Avoid stinky situations by always making sure your clothes are nice and dry!

5 | The toilet bowl is losing its luster and visitors are starting to notice

Step One: Get a dryer sheet.
Step Two: Wipe the sheet along the rings around the toilet bowl like an eraser until it’s back to looking crisp and new.

6 | You had a wild night out and your carpet paid the price

Step One: Clean vomit with a paste made of baking soda and water
Step Two: Take a spatula or spoon, generously spread onto the affected area until it looks almost like frosting a cake.
Step Three: Let it dry overnight, or until it becomes a powdery consistency again.
Step Four: Vacuum it right up!

7 | Leftovers are lingering around your tupperware (even after handwashing)

Step One: Get rid of gross residue on your plastic tupperware by soaking the container in warm water and automatic dishwashing detergent.
Step Two: Drop in a Grab Green Auto Dish pod – in any glorious scent of your choosing. Grab Green Automatic Dishwashing Detergent pods are designed to thoroughly clean your dishes with only naturally-derived and nontoxic ingredients. It’s a simple and guilt-free way to clean.
Step Three: Soak for an hour and revel in the kind of cleanliness you haven’t seen in a long, long time.

8 | Clean the wooden cabinets before parents’ weekend

Step One: It’s important to clean every nook and cranny when your parents come to town. Clean wooden cabinets with a concoction of baking soda and vegetable oil in a bowl.
Step Two: Grab an old toothbrush
Step Three: Dip an old toothbrush in your concoction and scrub your kitchen cabinets with it. Not only will it remove gunk, but it will make the wood look less worn.

9 | The microwave has seen one too many food explosions

Step One: place a bowl with water and vinegar in your microwave
Step Two: run the microwave for about ten minutes until the water evaporates. This will soften all the food remnants.
Step Three: swipe away leftover marinara with one swift stroke!

10 | Stop spending on Swiffer cloths

Instead of paying money to replace your Swiffer cloth, clip a towel or washcloth and use that. Save time and money!

11 | It’s your turn to dust the apartment, but where is the feather duster?

Need to dust your shades? Slide your hand in an old sock and dust through the shades you’re in and out in seconds.


Use coffee filters to clean TVs, monitors and other screens. A regular coffee filter can pick up dust and dirt that a towel can’t.

What about your computer keyboard? Use an old toothbrush to clean out your keyboard. Those bristles will get in the hard-to-reach areas, keeping your laptop in tip-top shape.


12 | It’s moveout day and your faucets are caked with gross build up. You need your security deposit back.

Step One: Get a lemon
Step Two: Cut lemon in half and rub the juicy part against the stains until they disappear. It’s like citrus magic.

13 | There’s a hair pile-up on the carpet and your roommate won’t chip in to buy a vacuum

Step One: Grab your shower squeegee
Step Two: Run the rubber side along the carpet. You’d be surprised how much that little strip of rubber can pick up!

14 | Your makeup brushes haven’t been cleaned since you moved in

Step One: Get a bottle of baby shampoo.
Step Two: Place over a paper towel to dry and avoid molding. It’s the gentle and nontoxic solution your brushes need.

15 | The shower head is begging to be cleaned

Put a plastic bag filled with vinegar over your shower head to remove stains.













16 | Your dirty blender is leaving your smoothies not-so-sweet

Step One: grab some dish soap
Step Two: Fill blender with warm water and a few pumps of dish soap. We recommend a bit of Grab Green Dish Soap, filled with essential oils like juniperus virginiana, thyme, sage and fig leaf.
Step Three: turn the blender on and let the blender clean itself!

17 | You’re going out tonight but your outfit is still in the dryer

Step One: Get a dry towel
Step Two: Throw the dry towel in with the load of wet clothes
Step Three: The dry towel works to absorb the excess moisture, and cuts your laundry time in half.

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