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Clever Holiday Shortcuts: Home Prep Guide for the Host

Holiday times are busy times, but we have a few tips that will make your life a little easier so you can make room for that holiday cheer. If you are struggling to find the time to tidy your home before hosting guests, we have some tips that will help you conquer that to-do under an hour.


  1. Clean rooms by priority

– Guest Room

– Bathroom

– Living Room / Dining Room

– Kitchen

– Entry Way

In the holiday season, don’t spend your time cleaning the kitchen and making it spotless. Clean the guest room and bathroom first because these are the spaces your guests will spend time alone. The kitchen is expected to be busy with cooking, dishes and appliances, a stepford kitchen is not realistic or expected during the holidays. As long as its reasonably presentable, its enough. It doesn’t need to shine like a diamond. You’ll most likely spend most time with your guests shuffling things back and forth from the Kitchen and socializing in the living room. Use your remaining time to tidy your entryway – it doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be inviting. This is the last room because you won’t spend quality time here.

2. Clean right to left in every room

If you’re right handed, you probably sweep right to left (and vice-versa if you’re a lefty). Clean right to left in every room, instead of darting here and there, this way you don’t waste time re-cleaning. When you’re rushing about, it’s easy to forget small things. When you’re doing a quick tidy, this will save you from over-thinking, so it’s helpful pick a direction at the start.


Room 1 : The Guest Room

  • Remove All Trash & Linens.
  • Make the bed with fresh bedsheets.
  • Vacuum or sweep floors.
  • Wipe down or dust table tops.
  • Make some room in the closet. 
    If you can, make about 1-2 feet of closet space for your guests’ use. Remove hanging items and temporarily relocate them to your own room, the basement or playroom.
    Place 10 spare hangers in the newly open closet space.
  • Make a drawer.
    Empty the contents of the top dresser drawer into a box, and place it under the bed, onto the closet floor, or temporarily place it in another room.


Room 2 : Guest Bathroom


  • Throw dirty clothes & towels in a hamper.
  • Place all trash in trash bin.
    If the trash is full, try to empty it. If you can’t spare the time, push the garbage down to the bottom and cover it nicely with a tissue or some strategically placed TP.
  • Wipe down surfaces.
    Pay special attention to faucet & fixtures! In the future, use microfiber cloths to wipe down bathroom counter tops on a regular basis. I keep some under my bathroom sink, and wipe down my counter in the morning a few times a week.
  • Toilet bowl.
    Whiten your toilet bowl with Bleach Alternative pods.
    If your toilet bowl is not as white as you’d like it to be, try using a bleach alternative pod. It only only takes a few minutes.

1 | Quickly scrub the bowl with a toilet brush to break up any buildups on the sides.

2 | Drop a Grab Green Bleach Alternative pod in the toilet, let it dissolve (maybe give it a swirl with your toilet bowl brush!) and leave it to soak for 5-10 minutes before flushing. All done! Just like it would with a load of laundry, Bleach Alternative brightens, whitens and removes stains with all naturally-derived ingredients.

  • Wipe down the mirror.
    Use a glass cleaner to shine up the mirror your guests will be using. Beware, an all purpose or surface cleaner will leave streaks on mirrors and glass!
  • Sweep the floor.
    If it’s a small space, simply running a paper towel over the floor will quickly pick up the hair & dust!
  • Ambiance.
    Spray a Room and Fabric Freshener
    Grab Green’s Room Freshener in 7 signature scents eliminates odors with essential oils and other naturally-derived ingredients. Freshen up your bathroom and leave it accessible for guests to use throughout the night!


Room 3 : Living Room


  • Remove clutter.
    If there are things here that belong in other rooms, place them all in one container then place that container in a room that won’t be visited by guests. This will save you time from running between rooms to replace items.
  • The Couch.

1 | Turn your lint roller into a substitute vacuum.

Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party and notice sneaky dust bunnies and loose hair around the floor just minutes before your guests arrive. There’s no time to vacuum and you’re starting to panic. Don’t worry! Grab a lint roller and roll it across the carpet and target areas such as floor corners and couches until you get the spotless look—your guests will never be the wiser.

2 | Fold couch blankets and place them in a basket or bin.

3 | Fluff and flip couch pillows to give your living room a little lift.

  • Floors.

1 | Scan the room for dust/lint piles.
Dust and lint gather near the wall edges. So do a quick scan around the edges for any dust or lint buildup. If you have a pet, scan for small nests of fur.

2 | Carpet or Wood Floors.

If you have extra time or have pets, use your squeegee to pick up pet hair.
Your squeegee doesn’t just wash away water stains from your bathroom and car windows, it can also rid your carpet of pesky pet hair! Simply run the rubber end of the squeegee through your carpet like you would across your shower window and watch the dog and cat hair lift right out. You’ll have a cleaner carpet in minutes.

Wood Floors:
If you have wood floors, do a quick sweep and mop.

Room 4 : The Kitchen


  • Put away clean dishes.
  • Counter Tops.
    Wipe down counter tops, faucets, and fixtures with a paper towel and cleaning spray or wet dryer sheets.
  • Floors. 

1 | Sweep floors, targeting the larger crumbs.

2 | Mop.  – Either a steam mop or something like a wet Swiffer.

Room 5 : Entryway

  • Remove clutter.
    Place items that belong in other rooms aside – in a bedroom or a closet that your guests won’t open. Time permitting, you can then walk each item into another room individually, or place items in a container to go through later.
  • Finishing Touches.
    Spray Grab Green’s Room and Fabric Freshener throughout the house and turn off any harsh overhead lights as you go, opting for lamps and indirect lighting instead.

Relax and enjoy your holiday! Your house is company ready.

Have any quick tips for cleaning the house in a hurry?

Share them with us in the comments!

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