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20 strategies for getting through your laundry in under an hour a week

Is your laundry piled up so high you can’t breathe? Do you turn around every day and it just seems like more and more clothes are making their way to the laundry room?

Laundry is one of those things you just can’t escape. As long as there is a need to wear clothing, laundry will always have to be done. Luckily, you don’t have the struggle with it. In fact, you can get through all of your laundry is less than one hour every week. Don’t believe me? There are everyday tips and tricks that you can use to take all the work out of it, so that all you have to do at the end of the week, is throw it all in the washing machine and let it run.

Here are your tricks to a no fuss laundry day every week:

1 | separate your clothes BEFORE they get to the wash
Like many families, you probably just throw all your clothes in one hamper and then go on with your day. You just wait until laundry day—when you are the busiest and most frustrated—to separate your lights from your darks and those work clothes from casual ones. Why not do this as soon as your clothes come off?



Set up baskets or hampers in your bedroom or bathroom that allow you to separate as soon as it is stripped from your body. This way, all you have to do is dump in the basket and start the machine. There is no need to sit on a laundry room floor for an hour or two, just trying to sort out all the clothes.

2 | create a schedule
Are you washing every stitch of clothing every week! That’s a waste of time. Sheets, undergarments, jeans, and socks each need to be washed on a certain schedule. Not everything has to be washed after one wearing. Knowing this can help you determine a good laundry schedule—and that can save you time. For example, underwear, shirts, and socks can only be worn once. Bras, on the other hand, can last 3-5 days before needing a good wash. Most of the time slacks, and other types of pants can be worn 2-3 time before washing and jeans a whopping 5 times! Sheets can be handled weekly, while blankets don’t need to be run through the washer for several months.


When faced with a monthly or quarterly laundry challenge, consider heading to the Laundromat. Loading multiple machines with blankets, sheets and other seasonal items, you can wash and dry everything from your home at one time—saving an entire day of laundry duty.

3 | make your clothes washer-ready
Making sure your clothes are washer ready when you take them off is just as important as making sure your clothes are sorted properly before washing. Every night when you take off your clothes, make sure pant legs and sleeves are un-cuffed, jeans are zipped up, socks are un-bunched, and pockets are emptied. Doing this every night will only take a few moments, while during laundry day it could take an hour or more, and add frustration into your life. Making sure all your clothes are washer ready can shave time off your laundry day and create an easy “dump and go” process.

4 | pick the best laundry detergent
Don’t waste time washing certain clothing items with separate cleaners in different loads. Pick a detergent that can be used on both darks and colors; brights and stains. Choosing a detergent that can be used on all colors and all types of clothes can be useful, and save time. Stop dealing with multiple detergents, stain booster bottles, and bleach pens, and choose one thing that actually works, with ALL of your clothes. Grab Green, creators of unique, non-toxic, green cleaning supplies have a detergent that actually works.

Grab Green the Best Laundry Detergent

The 3-in-1 detergent pods are pre-measured so you don’t have to waste any time with messy measuring cups and they work to not only brighten colors, but fight stains, and clean all fabrics thoroughly. Free of phosphates, dyes, and masking agents, this detergent is great not only for your clothes, but for the environment as well as your skin.

5 | know how to fold a fitted sheet
Laundry doesn’t just end when you throw all your dried clothes into a basket. It ends after everything is folded and put away. One of the items that can be tricky and time consuming to fold is the fitted sheet. Most people just get frustrated and throw it into a drawer hoping to forget about it; trust me I’ve done it before too! That was until I discovered a nifty folding technique that allows you to fold a fitted sheet within a minute and allows you to move on with little to no frustration. Lay your sheet on a flat surface and fold it in half, and then slide the corners from the right side into each other. Fold the sheet over again, matching up the corners, fold your edges into thirds, and finally fold the sheet in half again. Although this may seem confusing in writing, grab a sheet and try it! It’s the miracle for folding a fitted sheet and anyone who has ever gotten mad at one before will benefit from this quick trick.

6 | pre-treat
Got mustard on that new pair of pants? Did you child drop their snack all over your good sheets? Although you can try your best to clean it up, most foods, beverages, and other spill-able items will easily leave stains on some of the most delicate fabrics. And, when it comes to laundry day, forgetting about a fresh stain can lead it to only come out particularly, and then set; giving you more work once it comes out of the dryer. Save yourself the time by pre-treating clothing pieces BEFORE they go into the wash.


When separating your clothes at night, pull out any items that have been stained. Pre-treat with either a dab of detergent, soak in a mixture of water & bleach alternative, or apply a paste made with baking soda and a few drops of water. By pre-treating a fresh stain, you’re loosening it from the fabric so that when it goes through the wash it can be lifted from the fabric.

7 | give up on those missing socks
It seems that most of laundry day is often trying to find those missing socks. Sometimes it seems as if there must be a little gremlin taking all your socks and making them impossible to match! I’ve even seen people get so frustrated that they throw out every sock in their house and buy all new ones!


After all, trying to find every match is so time consuming. But, you can completely eliminate that by throwing all your socks out at once and buying yourself all identical socks from the same brand. This way, no matter what sock you pull from your drawer, they will all match. Stop trying to waste time matching them all during laundry day, and make it possible to match your socks correctly every single time.

8 | unload like a pro!
Sometimes you turn around and the basket you thought was there, just isn’t. I’ve done it! You are in a time pinch and there is no basket, so you just throw it all back in the dryer and forget about it until later. But, this isn’t the way to get your laundry done right—or done fast. If you are in need of a basket, but can’t seem to find one you can use this tip to unload your dryer like a pro. Lay down a towel, dump your clothes onto it, and roll it up; tucking in the ends. By tucking the ends, nothing will fall out, even if you’re running up the steps.

9 | choose a bleach alternative
For those who want to do one load and be done, whites can be a pain. Not only do they require detergent, but they also have to be run with bleach at a high temperature. These cycles are longer and using bleach means that you are forced to separate whites from darks. However, if you don’t have that much time on your hands or you just don’t want to separate what few whites you have, Grab Green bleach alternative might be a great product for you.

Bleach alternative save time energy and ultimately money

It gives you the perks of bleach without the damaging effects to dark colored clothing. It blocks odors, removes stains, brightens whites, and enhances colors. Great for use in HE machines in any cycle, this hypoallergenic alternative is free of dyes and fragrances, and is safe to use on whites and colors.

10 | know your clothes
Clothing needs to be cared for in specific ways, and the directions are all on the manufacturer care label. Some clothes need to be washed in cold water; some warm. Others should be air dried and some shouldn’t be on high heat in the dryer. Try to memorize what each clothing item needs, or make a list that you can laminate and hang in your laundry area.


Don’t take time looking and deciphering every label symbol every time you do the laundry. Or, simply buy clothes made of the same materials. So that they can all be washed together. Either way, you’ll be zipping through laundry day being confused by your clothes or their care instructions.

11 | tackle that pesky lint trap
Did you know that keeping a clean lint trap means a more efficient drying cycle, which in turn saves energy and money? In addition, it prevents lint from adhering to your newly clean clothes. But cleaning that trap can be a challenge—it’s either very difficult to remove from your dryer or it flies everywhere. Turns out dryer sheets make the perfect lint trap cleaners, and Grab Green Wet Dryer Sheets give you twice the bang for your buck as each sheet can be used in for loads!

Wet dryer sheets, link sticks to the dryer sheet and not to you

Simply keep a stash of used dryer sheets in your laundry room, grab a sheet, wipe the lint trap and toss it in the trash—the lint sticks to the dryer sheet and not you.

more tips from our readers!

12 | Don’t Sort!

I’ve gotten to the point, I don’t sort, I just dump everything together. That saves lots of time!”

13 | Get Your Kids to Help

“Make your kids fold their own laundry! Teaching life skills. Surprise them with something yummy!– My 11 year old son loves the smell of our Grab Green  vetiver laundry detergent! He loves tossing it in from further back like he is shooting hoops too.”

“Make a game out of folding the laundry. Who can fold the most towels, who can match the most socks, Who can master the tshirt folding trick (Pinch and fold video from YouTube)

14 | Save on Electricity

“This doesn’t save time but it does save money.  I  love hanging my stuff outside on nice days to help conserve energy.”

15 | Wash Everyday

“I do one load a day…that way I wash, fold and put away instead of letting it build up, be sure to choose the best laundry detergent that’s safe for your family”

16 | Use the best laundry detergent 

“This might not save time but it doesn’t make laundry less painful– we use Grab Green’s laundry detergent. It smells so awesome and really is the best laundry detergent so it makes laundry and cleaning a lot more pleasant with all the fantastic scents.”

17 | Flip laundry inside out!

“This is the part that touches your skin after all so make sure it is completely clean!”

18 | Ask your husband to do it!

19 | Hang up damp clothes

“so they won’t wrinkle and it saves energy. Slacks and shirts expecially do better not dried all the way and less ironing is always nice!”

19 | Wash less frequently by…

“wearing some clothes 2x or more before you wash them, and instead of leaving them in a pile, create a space to put 2nd chance clothes, or flip  them inside out so you won’t have to guess.

20 | Do Small Loads of laundry

“Don’t over stuff your machine, the less the better and it saves on your washing machine. Also don’t over stuff your dryer, it will double or triple your drying time.”

Laundry doesn’t have to be contained to one day, and it certainly shouldn’t take you more than an hour a week. Laundry should be about quickly cleaning your clothes so that you can move on with your day, feeling well dressed. Don’t let your laundry hold you hostage, follow these tips to make your laundry day a breeze.

happy cleaning!

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