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Help! I’m Addicted to Hand Soap!

My hands were addicted to soap and my skin was paying the price! Yes, you heard me right – my hands were addicted to hand soap. Now, I am not talking about having a need to get my “soap fix” every day.  But my skin had become so accustomed to the ingredients found in general hand cleaners that when I switched brands (or even fragrances), my skin would become irritated and painful.  Of course I would think I was allergic to some ingredient in the new soap and switch back. Little did I realize that the soaps I was using were laced with chemicals that my skin was becoming addicted to.


Was my family experiencing this too?

Complaining to my dermatologist about my sore, cracked and irritated hands, she explained the phenomenon and suggested that I try some more natural soap products.  That made me wonder if the rest of my family was experiencing any unusual side effects from our hand cleaners.

That’s when I realized that almost all of us were suffering with some sort of soap problem.   My husband mentioned that his hands never really felt clean; my kids complained about the bathroom soap making them feel “sticky” (and resulted in them “forgetting” to wash their hands after using the potty); and during the cold winter months I noticed an increase  of dry, cracked, and peeling skin on everyone in the house.  The evidence was clear:  our soap was actually hurting us. I needed to make a change in order to keep my family healthy.


So I did the research! You won’t believe what I found.

So, I logged onto my computer and began researching traditional hand and body soaps. What I learned was fascinating – and terrifying! The soaps I was using to keep my family clean and healthy contained all kinds of toxic ingredients that I learned should never be absorbed into the body.  These chemicals can dry out your skin and some people are even allergic to them, which causes hives or other irritation. Some brands even contain ingredients that your hands get “addicted to.”  Stop using the soap for a day or two and your skin flares up and gets mad at you. It can become irritated or dry because its needs those chemicals.

My research was sobering. The soap I thought was helping to clean off my kids’ dirt and grime (and keeping them from getting sick), was actually hurting them.  It was time to get rid of those chemicals and start giving my family natural ingredients that would help heal their damaged skin and keep those dirty kid hands clean.


Luckily I found Grab Green!

I mentioned what I had learned to a friend and she told me about the eco-responsible ingredients in Grab Green products. One quick look and I fell in love with the company’s product line of eco conscious, non-toxic soaps.  With a few clicks of the mouse I had placed my order and anxiously waited for my new family-friendly soaps to arrive.

It didn’t take long for my entire family to comment on our new hand soaps.  It was almost miracle how just a few ingredient changes completely turned around my family’s skin health. They made my family love the feel of their skin and we all said goodbye to dry and peeling hands, even in the winter!

So what makes green soaps different from regular hand soaps? The biggest difference is that they are void of the artificial and chemical ingredients found in traditional soaps products.  Some people may worry that taking out those ingredients will take away the soap’s effectiveness. The reality is that more natural ingredients work juts as well; and often better.

Here’s another benefit I discovered: natural soaps aren’t more expensive. As a matter of fact when I factored in the cost of hand creams, moisturizers and other healing products I need when using those chemical-laden products, my new soaps were even cheaper.

Looking for an affordable, eco responsible brand to buy your hand soap from? Grab Green offers three unique, natural scents to choose from; along with a fragrance free option for those who may have sensitive skin. Made with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and moisturizing aloe; the Grab Green hand soaps are the best way to keep your family’s skin healthy and promote a happier earth. Interested?  You should be!

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