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Homeward Bound! Always Know Where Your Furry Friend Is

Getting your furry friend licensed is an important part of being a pet-owner and it’s an identification tool that can help reunite you with your dog if it were to ever get lost. Although in Los Angeles county both dogs and horses (or any equine animal) requires licenses, we’re specifically addressing the licensing of K-9s. Seeing that requirements vary between counties and states, here’s all you need to know to make sure your SoCal dog meets licensing standards!

How long do I have to license my dog?

Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, Santa Barbara and San Bernardino Counties all require pets to be licensed within 4 months of ownership.

Where and how do I take care of licensing?

Animal licenses may be purchased by completing a license application form, along with payment, proof of sterilization and rabies vaccination, at your nearest county’s animal care and control department. Depending on your county, you may also complete these steps by mail, or even more convenient, online via Pet Data.

How often should I renew my pet’s license?

In general for Southern California counties, pet licenses are valid for one year. Failure to renew a pet license can result in a late penalty equal to the cost of the license.

How much does licensing cost?

Fees for pet licensing varies by animal and by city. For example, in LA County, pet licensing ranges from $5 to $60. Typically, licenses for the neutered and spayed are less expensive.

Not a resident of SoCal? Visit and they’ll locate all the need-to-knows based on your zip code.

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