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Learn How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal Naturally in Under 3 minutes!

What’s that smell? Smelly garbage disposals are no joke and present a stinky challenge to even the cleanest of clean freaks. Everything we’ve cooked and disposed of for months somehow makes its way into the garbage disposal, turning it into a Smorgasbord of stinky stuff. The good news? That smell is an easy fix! Learn how to naturally clean our garbage disposal naturally and enjoy a fresh smelling sink and kitchen for months to come.

1. Eliminate Any Clogs

The first tip on how to clean your garbage disposal – it’s good idea to break up any clogged matter before addressing the smell. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with garbage disposal smells immediately after you clean. It’s common knowledge that foods like egg shells, grease and bones wreck havoc on a garbage disposal, but other foods can have an impact as well. suggests “pouring one half cup of baking soda down the kitchen drain. Carefully pour one cup of white vinegar down the drain on top of the baking soda. Place the drain stopper in the sink to close off the drain. If you have a double sink, you should do this for both of them. The mixture will fizz and make a bit of noise. Allow this to work its magic for a few minutes while you boil some hot water. Use a full teakettle or medium size pot of water. Once this has boiled, pour it down the drain.”

Editor’s Note: I tried this tip the other day on a clogged kitchen sink at my parent’s house and was amazed at how quickly it worked! Remember to add the white vinegar carefully due to a lot of hissing, fizzing and bubbling!

2. So Fresh & So Clean

Don’t feel like making your own garbage disposal cleaner? We don’t blame you. Grab Green’s naturally-derived Garbage Disposal Freshener and Cleaner ensures that your garbage disposal works optimally and smells fresh with our easy to use pods. These pods eliminate the scent and clean your disposal – they do not just mask the scent. Drop them down the drain, run the disposal and enjoy the scent (and ease) of a freshly cleaned garbage disposal. Talk about simple and effective!

3. Prevention Is Best

My parents used to joke that garbage disposals only worked when nobody used them. While that sounds like a bit of heavy handed irony – there are a lot of foods that should NEVER meet the blades of your disposal.

According to The Huffington Post, oil, fat and grease are huge no- no’s but so are starchy and stringy veggies, pasta, egg shells, coffee grounds and rice. Pasta and rice expand when they hit water and can easily clog a drain, while coffee grounds get stuck in the garbage disposal trap. Stringy veggies and the slimy egg membrane (yuck!) can actually wrap around the blade, causing the clogged garbage disposal of the century.
Our motto? When in doubt, leave it out!

Also, a very important safety reminder – it is NEVER safe to stick your hands down a garbage disposal, especially when it’s running (duh!) but even when the unit is turned off. What if something’s stuck? Roto Rooter suggests using tongs or another long-handled tool to try and dislodge the item – again, once the unit is turned OFF.

Have any scary smelly garbage disposal stories you’d like to share? Or what about a natural garbage disposal cleaner we haven’t mentioned? Do tell in the comments below! Catching up on fall cleaning and looking for more tips, tricks and how-to’s?

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    Garbage Disposal Freshener and Cleaner is a great product. I used it several times. It makes my kitchen shine so bright. Thank you for sharing your article. Greets!