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6 Ways to Keep Your Fridge Clean and Your Food Fresh



It’s never too late to get your fridge into tip top shape.

It only takes a little bit of effort and almost no time at all. Here are a few simple organization suggestions to achieve a tidier and well organized fridge!

We’ve divided the fridge’s interior into sections based on the temperatures for food safety. Before you begin, take a quick look at the overall temperature of your fridge, it should be set between 35 and 39 degrees.




The upper and middle shelves provide the most consistent temperature throughout the fridge. Items like breads, leftovers, ready-to-eat foods and herbs fare best here. You may notice a Lazy Susan on my top shelf, that’s because I have a love of mustard and it’s much easier to spin it around to the one my taste buds are craving.




The bottom shelf is made for your dairy products—yogurt, sour cream, milk,etc.—plus eggs, seafood, and the like. Because the lower shelf reaches the coldest temperature in the fridge, it’s meant to hold items that require a little more chill than others. No one likes warm yogurt!

I enjoy cold beer and beverages so I store those on this shelf as well. One little thing I do, which in not recommended by professional kitchens, is store all my eggs in one basket. I buy my eggs in large quantities and the egg carton doesn’t fit in the fridge! Typically you should store your eggs in the original carton.

Meats should also be stored on the super-cold bottom shelf. To prevent a possible mess, place packaged meats onto a plate to prevent juices from dripping and contaminating the fridge.




Dedicate this drawer exclusively to your fruits. Adjust the temperature to a low humidity and keep fruits in their original packaging. If you use plastic bags, don’t tie the bags closed as they need a bit of fresh air.

Fruits like bananas, oranges, lemons, apples, and melons don’t require refrigeration. Certain fruits have unique characteristics, such as apples, which release a natural gas that may cause the other fruits in the drawer to ripen too quickly. Melons ripen better at room temperature, but if you cut or slice the melon, then it goes into the drawer.

You may notice, I use bamboo boxes to organize inside the drawers. When I don’t have much in the drawer, the box prevents the fruits from moving all over the place… and I enjoy the way it looks.




In this drawer I store both cheeses and prepared meats, such as a deli-sandwich, meats, or bacon and sausages.

Most cheesemongers and cheese enthusiasts would say that all cheeses should not be stored in plastics—they recommend wrapping cheese in a porous material like wax paper. But I’m not a cheesemonger so I do leave it in its original packaging and once opened, I wrap it with plastic wrap. However, I will say, I only follow this process if I’m going to eat the cheese within the next day or so, otherwise I do follow the recommended storage guidelines.




In my home, I eat a tremendous amount of vegetables so it’s only natural to use the largest drawer possible. Vegetables stay fresh longer with humidity and prefer a cool, moist environment. Adjust the drawer temperature to “high”. Much like the fruits, keep them in the original packaging and if you use plastic bags, don’t tie the bags closed as they too need a bit of fresh air.




Because this is the warmest area of the fridge, it is perfect for storing butter and condiments (ketchup, mayonnaise and salad dressings). Generally, any product containing a high amount of vinegar and salt—such as pickles—is perfectly happy in the door. This includes pickles and jarred salsa.

I also store my orange juice in the door since it’s been pasteurized, however, if the juice is freshly squeezed, it should be stored on the bottom shelf.

When your fridge gets a little messy Grab Green All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect go too! An organized fridge is great, but to have a truly clean place to store your delicious food we recommend using this cleaner twice a month.

happy organizing! 

Warm Regards,

Patricia Spencer

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  1. Sophie Spencer says:

    Fabulous illustrations and content!

  2. Maria says:

    Beautiful deep cleaning and organization tips. I love it when the fridge looks organized and inviting.