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Improper Storage Can Lead to Ruined Clothes: What to Hang and What to Fold


There’s nothing more frustrating than taking out your favorite Nordstrom tank-top from the closet to discover wrinkles, stretches and general wear and tear. Let’s face it, you don’t always have time to iron before heading out. Store your clothes properly and take care of your garments now so you won’t have to do damage control later. Learning what to hang and what to fold is easy:


Fold: Jeans are made from rugged material and should be folded in your drawer without the worry of wrinkling or shape distortion. Go ahead, fold ‘em up!


Cotton shirts and blouses
Hang: Cotton shirts and blouses will stay virtually wrinkle-free when hung on hangers. No need to stress over the shoulders of your favorite cotton tee stretching out over the hanger.


Hang: Linens store perfect on a hanger in the closet. No wrinkles, no worries.


Silks and satin tops
Hang: Silks and delicate fabrics like satin, velvet, chiffon and taffeta crush easily, so they should be neatly and smoothly hung in the closet. Folding them may cause the shirt to fold in odd areas against more rugged clothes. Better to hang silks and satins to avoid the trouble!


Knitwear and sweaters
Fold: We love our knitwear and sweaters for their perfect, cozy fit. However, hanging them after you’ve done the laundry may cause them to stretch out and lose that wonderful shape. Instead, neatly fold them away.


Outdoor jackets, overcoats, suit jackets, blazers
Hang: Like jeans, outdoor jackets and blazers are durable enough to handle a hanger. Try curved suit hangers to help maintain the shape.


Hang: Hang your fun skirts on the special hangers with movable slips to prevent wrinkling in the wrong places.


Long dresses
Fold: Whether you’re putting away an ornamented evening gown or a flowing maxi dress, it’s best to fold it until your next wear. The weight of long dresses naturally hang low and pull the straps, stretching and wearing them out. So, fold it neatly in a drawer!

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Hang: Trousers tend to wrinkle easily, so hanging them saves you from an unnecessary ironing session.


Casual pants
Fold: They’re durable and made of rougher material. They can handle a neat fold.


Ties and belts
Hang it: Keep ties and belts lasting as long as possible by simply hanging them over a hanger and storing them in the closet.


Go the extra mile: Grab Green Room and Air Freshener
I love giving my clothes an extra fresh boost after laundry by a light spritz of Grab Green Room and Fabric Freshener. Choose between yummy scents like Immortelle with Jasmine, Vetiver or Lavender with Vanilla, gently spray over clothes in your closet or draw, and enjoy a natural, long-lasting scent on your next use.


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12 Responses to Improper Storage Can Lead to Ruined Clothes: What to Hang and What to Fold

  1. Monica Mayer says:

    I love the felted hangers as they keep the article of clothing right where you want it. No slipping of your silk blouses. 🙂

  2. sign4baby says:

    I love the tip about the long dresses – it makes so much sense!

  3. Carey O. says:

    I like those things that go over your door. I hang my things like scarves, belts, purses, robe or hats on. Then I have some of those stackable tubs drawers to put some things like bras, underwear, sweaters or winter wear like mittens, long johns etc,

  4. Jeffrey Anderson says:

    Love good tips!

  5. Suzanne Azzarello says:

    Mens Dress pants are best hung on wooden hangers, they are very sturdy and there are no worries of having creases, wrinkles or lines.

  6. Candy says:

    I put carboard in my drawers to make sections so I can organize my bandana’ scarfs sock and undies look cute.

  7. Marion says:

    Instead of ironing , I toss my shirts in the dryer for a couple of minutes & viola! They’re wrinkle free! Fast & easy.

  8. Eileen Gilbert says:

    I did not know about the long dresses. Good to know! Great tips!!

  9. Lisa says:

    The vetiver laundry pods are probably the best scent in the world! They leave my clothes and bedding smelling clean and fresh without an overpowering fragrance.

  10. Janine Nicolosi says:

    I always hang my scrubs (cotton). It saves me from having to iron!

  11. Donna says:

    Do not put wet or damp clothes on wire hangers, they may discolor from the metal hanger.

  12. Drew Edell says:

    Thank you everyone for your participation! These were all great tips.

    Congratulations Monica! You have been chosen as the winner for this tips and trick contest. Your free 3in1 Laundry Detergent will be on it’s way shortly.