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Is Your Laundry Causing “The Rash?”

The Nightmare! 

It was a nightmare. My 5 year old ran into my bedroom crying, His skin hurt and he couldn’t stop itching. I pulled up his shirt. I was shocked!  His back and chest were full of tiny red bumps. No wonder he was upset. I wanted to cry too. He looked like he was in pain and there was nothing I could do but call the pediatrician and see if I could bring him in. It took several days to get an appointment. During the wait the irritation spread from his chest and back to his legs and around his neck. It’s terrifying to not know what is wrong with your child and it is even more frightening to have the pediatrician look at you and say it was your fault.

Ok, they didn’t really SAY it was my fault, but that’s what I heard when she told me that my son had “The Rash.” The Rash? That sounded like a name out of horror story, but that really wasn’t what it was.

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The Cause! 

“The Rash,” is what is referred to as the allergic reaction to traditional laundry detergent. My choice of laundry detergent is what had my son writhing in agony.  That diagnosis felt like a punch in my gut. I had been unknowingly putting my son in clothes every day that he was allergic to! How could I not feel bad?

The pediatrician told me that an allergy to laundry detergent is really very common.  Sometimes it’s very mild, such as a few red bumps or some itching between the thighs and on the back. Or, it can be severe, just like my son had it; an explosion of red bumps and itchy irritation, something no little kid wants to go through. It all stems from the artificial scents, dyes, and chemicals in traditional laundry detergent. These chemicals and dyes are not gentle on the skin. In fact, they can be extreme irritants that break out and dry out the skin they come in contact with. Some of the most sensitive parts of your body can be seriously irritated by traditional laundry detergents – sometimes even impacting your health.


The Solution!

My pediatrician suggested that I try a more natural solution and she recommended trying Grab Green Laundry Pods. The 3 in 1 pods come in four fragrances and also fragrance free, for those with more sensitive skin. Being premeasured, anyone in the house can do laundry without the worry of over using the product. That was great side benefit since it also allowed me to teach my older kids how to do laundry without my worrying about a big mess.

The Grab Green Laundry Pods are perfect for the person who wants to live a green lifestyle while making their laundry day both healthier and simpler. The pods are non-toxic, made with natural ingredients, and are safe for HE machines. Free of Phosphates, dyes, and chlorine; this is a wonderful option for those struggling with a detergent allergy; or who just wants to make their home healthier.


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