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It’s Time to Use Your Fine Dinnerware Without Being Scared

I have a confession to make:  I am afraid of my china. Yes, you heard me right. It scares me to death to use those expensive place settings. So, the beautiful dishware I was so excited to get sits in my cabinet – unused….
About a year ago I looked over my shoulder to the cabinet that holds those special place settings, and realized that the thick layer of dust coating it was because I hadn’t used in it nearly a year! What? How is that possible? How were those expensive plates and bowls just sitting in a cabinet, coming out only during holidays and extremely special events? That is when I realized that I was scared of my china. Scared that over using those delicate place settings would cause them to become dirty, grimy-looking, cracked, or (gasp!) even chipped and broken. And who wants that? So, I hid them away, bringing them out only on the rarest of occasions
Are you as frightened as I am to actually use your fine china? Maybe it’s an heirloom you would hate to see something happen to; or maybe like me, you know you could never afford to replace those pieces and opt to hide it away rather than enjoy it.  Well, I have some great news! We can both enjoy our china again – without fear!
I have learned that if you clean your fine dinnerware properly, you can relax. Those beautiful plates can come out of the sink just as sparkling as when they came out of that cabinet, and you can be free to use your fine china without fear. Here are just a few of my cleaning tips that can help you get over your fear and use your china more often. 

Milk to the Rescue! Yes, It Really Fixes Hairline Cracks

It was once when I was washing dishes with my daughter that I discovered this trick. After we had had some guests over for dinner and we had broken out the good china, I saw a little crack on one of my bowls. Of course, I freaked out. Who wouldn’t? That was expensive china. I couldn’t afford another plate! Luckily, Google was my best friend in that situation and I discovered that small hairline cracks can be fixed with a mixture of milk and baking soda. Fill a pot will enough milk to cover your china, add two tablespoons of baking soda, and let sit overnight. In the morning just take the china out of the milk bath, and wash with a mild soap and warm water. You’ll see that the crack has repaired itself and the colors of your china will be just a tad brighter. 
How amazing! It’s all thanks to the enzymes in the milk and the brightening power of baking soda; two common household items that can gently clean your china and fix small issues, like a tiny hairline crack. 

Get Rid Of Film

You know what I’m talking about when I say film, that greasy feeling that assaults your fingers when you pick something out of the dishwasher? That sticky layer that traditional soaps leave behind after washing by hand. Skip the dishwasher and the traditional soap filled with chemicals, and reach for something a little more Eco-responsible. I personally love the Grab Green dish soaps that are made with natural ingredients, are non-toxic, and are gentle on even the most fragile of dishes. The Grab Green dish soap is not only green, it’s effective too! Just a little dab can go a long way and you will know that your china will come out of that sink without that grimy feeling and completely clean.

Get Rid of Those Pesky Stains

Whether from drinks like coffee or tea, or messy foods that stick to your plates and bowls; stains can be the bane of good china. When it comes to cleaning your fine dinnerware, having amazing stain removal is the best way to make sure your set stays in tip top shape. Take a few tablespoons of baking soda, and add to it water, until the mixture creates a thick paste. Baking soda is a fantastic green multi-purpose cleaner, perfect for stain removal and it is safe to use to deep clean your china. 
Simply take your paste, and rub it will a soft brush, such as a toothbrush (or damp towel) over the stain. Let it sit for no more than five minutes, and then wash your china with a mild dish soap and warm water. Even the most difficult stains don’t stand a chance against this trick. 
Stop fearing your china! You don’t have to be afraid to use it! An expensive dinnerware set deserves to be used and enjoyed by your family — and your guests. Don’t let the dust build up on your cabinet like I did. Bring out that fine china for even the most common occasions. By having the perfect cleaning routine, you can ensure that your dinnerware isn’t just being wiped down, it is truly getting clean.  It will sparkle. It will shine. And it will call out to you to set in on the table. Heck, even pizza night deserves china once in awhile! 
Grab Green creates naturally derived cleaning products that are not only environmentally friendly, but also non-toxic, sustainable and actually work. From eco-responsible laundry detergent to household cleaning agents to eco-responsible kitchen products to non toxic green cleaning supplies, our liquid detergent formulas do compete with conventional household cleaners and are made from simple and chemical free naturally-derived ingredients you can feel good about.

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