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How to Make an Amazing Jameson Irish Mule

The Luck of the Irish is With You!

Everyone will be green with envy after serving this amazing St. Patrick’s Day Drink! A spin off of the tradition Moscow Mule, this is definitely one trendy drink you have to try this coming holiday.

Ingredients – single serving

  • 1.5 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Good quality ginger beer
  • Bitters
  • Large wedge of lime
  • Large wedge of lemon (optional)


Step 1 | Gather your mason jars and all of the ingredients listed above.


Step 2 | Fill the mason jars to the top with ice. I used square ice cubes because I like the way they look!


Step 3 | Add 1.5oz of Jameson Whiskey to the Mason Jars. I added a little bit more because I love the taste of whiskey.


Step 4 | Add your ginger beer. I went with Smirnoff Ginger Beer, but you can use whatever is your favorite!

Fill your jar almost to the top. At this point you will probably need to add a bit more ice.


Step 5 | Stir while adding your bitters. I chose to add about 5 drops to my yummy cocktail, but again this can be changed based on personal preference.


Step 6 | Take your lime wedge, and squeeze it in. I cut another lime wedge and put it on the rim of the Mason Jar … it just looked so cute!

PRO Tip: I squeezed some lemon into the mix for some added taste and a little extra sour.


Step 7 | Now serve up and enjoy this amazing St. Patrick’s Day themed drink!

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