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How to Keep Your Clothes Safe During the Drying Process: The Perfect Dryer Settings

Grimy whites, faded colors, pilling sweaters, and delicates that no longer feel so… delicate. This is what happens to your clothing when you do not put them on the correct dryer settings.  Various fabrics and styles all need to be treated differently because some are more fragile than others. Knowing the perfect dryer settings  — and what else you can do to keep your clothes beautiful, can help make your laundry day that much easier.


This is the highest heat setting possible for your dryer. This is the fastest dry cycle, but the hot air turns the dryer into an inferno that can easily damage thin and delicate fragile. You can wash heavier fabrics on this setting such as jeans, sweaters, and sheets/comforters. It also works best on white or cream fabrics that are colorless and resistant to bleeding and that are already preshrunk. If you have already washed your clothing or sheets in hot water do NOT use this setting — it can contribute to shrinkage.  


Perfect for expensive sweaters, undergarments, pricy lingerie, and dry-fit wear. Knit and delicate wear that can pull apart, fray, or tear easily are the best to dry on this gentle setting. On this setting your delicates will dry with almost room temperature air, very slowly. This way, your garments stay protected and look brand new. 
Avoid putting heavy, thick  fabrics in the dryer on this setting as it can take hours for them to dry and can stick you with a high energy bill. To make your delicates stand out even more, think about using a gentle dryer sheet packed full of fragrance to help make them soft and smell delicious. I personally love using the wet dryer sheet by Grab Green. They are made with naturally derived ingredients which are safe for even the most fragile of fabrics. They reduce static and leave no sticky residue. They’re also reusable, making a 32 load pack last for 64, a great money saver! Get your own pack of these dryer sheets. 

Permanent Press

Great for colored clothes, the permanent press setting uses medium heat to help dry your clothing and help prevent the colors from fading and bleeding. It’s also the quick alternative to ironing. Don’t have the time to get out the iron and ironing board before work? Simply toss your clothes in the dryer on this setting for 10 minutes. The heat helps to smooth out wrinkles in slacks and dress shirts such as polo’s and fancier blouses. If you happen to work in a hospital setting, scrubs and surgical jackets can also be thrown on permanent press as a quick ironing alternative. 

Air Fluff

This cycle is not meant for wet clothes. Wait… a dryer setting that doesn’t actually dry? You read that right! Air fluff does not use any hot air for drying purposes, instead it circulates room temperature air through the drum to fluff up your clothes and help stiff fabrics become softer and fresher. Not only does it help revive their appearance, it also helps freshen up their scent. Need to fluff up your hand washed sweater or loosen up a stiff pair of jeans? That denim jacket not break in fast enough, or maybe those big towels need their fluffy texture put back. Put these items, dry, on the air fluff setting for anywhere from 10-40 minutes. When they come out they’ll look, feel, and even smell better. Once you understand your dryer setting better you are one more step closer to solving the puzzle of laundry day. Hopefully, these handy tips are going to help you choose the best dryer setting to help keep your fabrics fresh and your colors fierce.

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    Great list here! It’s good to know ways to keep your clothing protected as well as dried thoroughly. Thanks for sharing this.