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The Short on the Sort! Laundry Sorting Made Simple



Have you been doing your laundry correctly? Laundry sorting can be easy if you follow these steps!

The first step is to sort properly! You don’t want to throw in all of your colors at the same time. Instead make a pile of whites, colors, and darks. Sounds simple right?



Separate your whites from the rest of the pile. This is the pile for t-shirts, shorts, socks, towels and sheets! White sturdy cottons that can go through a normal cycle on warm or hot.



Light Weight


Heavy Weight



Separate your colors from the pile. These should be your brights! Don’t just throw all your colors in the same load. Make sure you separate them by weight as well. Put the lighter and more delicate articles in one pile and the heaver and bulkier articles in the other.

Expert tip: Put similar textiles into the same piles. 




Now it’s time to separate your darks! Dark blues, blacks, grays, navies, and deep purples all go in this pile. Again, make sure to separate by weight and textile as well.

Expert tip: Always wash your blacks inside out to preserve the color. 




Your personal items, or intimates as some people say, deserve their own pile. This pile consists of bras, underware, and delicate articles.

Expert tip: Make sure your bras are clasped and don’t use laundry bags! Laundry bags keep your clothing from being laundered properly. 

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Sorting your laundry is a great first step! The second step in doing your laundry properly is drying. If you want your clothing to stay beautiful don’t over dry and don’t use dryer sheets that contain wax or animal fats!

Expert tip: Hang-dry your nicer clothing and make sure to lay your sweaters out flat. 

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