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Persian Inspired Cheese Platter


Persian Inspired Cheese Platter … Amazing flavors and a must have at any gathering. I’ve served this appetizer at Christmas, pregame gatherings, barbecues and have brought it to the office for snack time. 


½ bunch fresh dill
½ bunch fresh mint
½ bunch fresh Italian parsley
2 bunches  fresh Persian basil, if not available, use 1 bunch of traditional basil
½ lb French Feta, there’s really no alternative
1 bunch radishes
1 cup walnuts
2 Persian cucumbers, they have thin peel and aren’t bitter
1 package of Lavosh bread, cut into 3”x3” pieces
Honey (optional, but highly recommended!)

Shopping Tip:
Going to a Persian Market to pick up the ingredients will save you a bit on the pocket book – possibly as much as half. Herbs tend to be about a buck per bunch, opposed to $2 at a traditional grocery store. 


This mix of herbs is traditionally referred to as Sabzi, which means greens. There are variations of herb combinations, but this one is my favorite.


The easiest way to trim and clean the herbs is to have a “discard” bowl and a colander.  Remove the leaves from the stems, placing the leaves in the colander.


Thoroughly rinse the herbs.


Using a lettuce spinner, spin, spin, spin to dry the herbs. There’s an old school way which is to place them on a tea towel for drying. Yikes, that’s too time-consuming! 



Cut cucumbers into 1″ slices and cut radishes into ¼” slices. 

Now it’s time to assemble. This cheese platter is sooo easy. 


The French Feta is the focus of the food so I begin organizing the other ingredients around it. Add the herbs, aka Sabzi.


Arrange the radishes and walnuts and cucumbers,  lastly add the Lavosh bread. That’s it!



My favorite twist on this app is to drip honey over the cheese. Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering as I type these steps…


To enjoy, you’re going to make something like a small taco. Using one piece of Lavosh bread, place a generous amount herbs onto the bread, then layer a generous amount of cheese, and then more herbs. Fold and bite! Alternate munching on the walnuts, cucumbers and radishes. 

Happy Snacking!

If your little Persian Cheese Taco gets a little messy while you’re eating with your hands use Grab Green Hand Soap! It will clean you up and make your hands feel amazing.

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