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Power Up With Essential Oils: 9 Essential Oil Uses To Boost Your Energy

Dragging feet, weak muscles, and sagging eyes… these were all things I experienced on a daily basis from my stressful life. It wasn’t attractive. With such a busy schedule I barely had enough energy by mid-day to make it until dinnertime. I even found myself nodding off while trying to do the laundry. After all,  those sheets coming out of the dryer just make the perfect pillow. That’s when one of my friends recommended that I use essential oils to try and boost my energy level.  But how? She explained that not only are they natural, but using them in your home in a variety of different ways can boost your energy. Here are 9 essential oil uses to boost your energy – hope they help you too too!


1 | Pick the Perfect Oil

Not all oils are created equal. Some are great for boosting your energy, while others will make you flop. Make sure you are picking the right oil so that you really are giving yourself that much needed boost and not putting yourself to sleep.  If you are looking to give yourself a kick, stay away from eucalyptus, vanilla, or lavender. These three are relaxation and stress relief scents — perfect before bed, but not when you need an energy hit. Rich and energizing scents like Basil, Rosemary, and lime are what you need to keep going.

2 | Use It with Your Laundry

Essential oils are all natural and are great for adding into your laundry for a fresh scent and energy boost. Forgo the fabric softener, messy liquid, and plastic cups by just putting a few drops of essential oils in your dryer instead. Your clothes will tumble with the oils and absorb them. Not only will your clothes smell amazing, but you will remain more energized throughout the day as you breathe in the scents. Grab Green 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent is also a great choice for great smelling laundry!

3 | Use as Perfume

Smell good and feel good too.  Drop essential oil on your wrists, behind your ears, and on your chest to help increase your energy. Not only will it absorb into your skin, but you will also inhale the energizing fragrance. Not to mention, everyone else will also notice how great your smell!

4 | Diffuse Your Home

Possibly the most efficient and easiest way to use essential oils is by using them in a diffuser. You can get a diffuser kit in any bath and body aisle. Fill the glass tube with your choice of essential oil and place the diffuser reeds into the opening. The reeds will absorb the oil and release the fragrance lightly into the air.

5 | Gentle Detox

Sometimes your body is just tired because you are not treating it right. A very gentle, morning detox can help clean out your system and energize your entire body, as well as your mind. Lemon and rosemary are often the two essential oils included in a gentle morning juice detox. Mix them with cyan pepper, water, and 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar for a great way to clean out your body every few weeks.

6 | Spray Your Linens

From hand towels, to bandannas, and curtains; a mix of water and your choice of essential oil can allow the energizing scent to marinate in your home. It is recommended that you should use lime or lemon as a linen spray because citrus really gets into the fabric, is the most energizing, and makes your linens smell clean and refreshing.

7 | Get a Massage

Although this could be a little costly, some massage therapists specialize in using essential oils in their massage arsenal to help clients with a variety of issues. If you feel fatigued all the time and traditional methods are not helping, consider visiting a massage therapist. They can use a variety of essential oils on you to help energize and refresh you, giving you the boost you need that you can’t get from anything else.

8 | Invest in a Freshener

One of the easiest ways I got energizing essential oils in my home was by using the Grab Green room fresheners. They have a variety of different scents, many of which are great for boosting your mood and refreshing your home. Made with naturally derived ingredients, their room fresheners use safe man made products and essential oils to create rich fragrances. Scents such as tangerine with lemongrass and red pear with magnolia were life savers when I had very little energy. I just sprayed a little bit into any room and not only did it block unwanted odors but it gave me that mid-afternoon boost I was craving. 

9 | Drop it in Your Bath

A bath can be relaxing, but it can also be energizing. If you know you have a busy day ahead and need an energy boost, take a bath in the morning, placing about 10 drops of an essential oil (your choice) into the water. The bath lets it absorb into your skin and releases the fragrance in a unique and refreshing way. After you get out of the bath you will then be ready to start the day. Again, lemon or lime is the best for this type of activity, however, grapefruit will also work well. 
Energy—we all need it. Luckily, essential oils are an all-natural and safe way to easily boost your energy and refresh yourself.

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    Being a college student you feel like you’re constantly on the move to one place or another and overwhelmed with homework. I have never thought of using essential oils to help boost your energy and it seems like a much better way to go about things instead of drinking coffee. This will definitely be something I try out.

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