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Why is Spring Cleaning a thing? And what’s the right way to do it?

Spring cleaning usually takes place in early April

People who live in warm climates have no idea why Spring Cleaning is even a thing. But in cooler regions, before the days of heating, it was too cold to open the windows so one could dust and let in clean fresh air. So when it became warm enough people would open up the doors and windows so they could really do a deep cleaning.

Let’s launch into Spring Cleaning the easy way!

learn why spring cleaning is important and the right way to do it.Energetic music is critical, find an upbeat playlist that you already have, possibly one you work out to or create a new one. After that, take a quick inventory of your cleaning supplies then start in your least favorite room to clean. We like to get that out of the way first then move through the house with the last room being your favorite. Most of us at Grab Green love food so it only makes sense we clean the kitchen last.

This Spring Cleaning Checklist makes it easy! It has all the “must dos” for Spring cleaning and some extras if you find some spare time or have a little more energy.

Survey your cleaning supplies

Take a quick look to see if you have all the supplies you need…


  • Bucket
  • Broom
  • Vacuum
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Sponges
  • Cleaning Gloves
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Old Rags
  • Old Newspapers
  • Duster



      • Review expiration dates on condiments, these are the products that usually stay way too long in the fridge, taking up space. Toss the expired containers into your recycling bin.
      • Remove each shelf & drawer and wash with liquid dish soap.
      • Sweep/Mop under the fridge; Remove the front, bottom panel to vacuum the coils.
      • Clean the front and side panels with an All Purpose Cleaner or if you have a stainless steel fridge be sure to use a cleaner formulated for stainless steel otherwise the All Purpose cleaner will cause streaking.
      • Wipe down the top of the fridge with a solvent-free degreaser.
      • Replace your old “Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Box”
        —We suggest a replacement every spring and fall cleaning.

cabinets & counters

      • Wipe down the exterior kitchen cabinets with a solvent-free degreaser.
      • Using an All Purpose cleaner, wipe down all appliances—even ones in the pantry and cabinets.
      • Organize the pantry by grouping items and toss any
        expired foods.
      • Remove everything from your countertop—this means under appliances and clean with a Countertop Cleaner.



      • Launder all washable comforters, mattress covers, pillows, bed-skirts, curtains, blankets, throws and slipcovers
      • Turn mattresses front-to-back and end-to-end to equalize wear.
      • After making your bed look beautifully cozy, mist the bed covers with your best-loved Room & Fabric Freshener.


      • Remove and store winter items.
      • Fill a bag with items that are worn or no longer fit—donate them to your favorite charity.
      • closetsOrganize your clothing first by type such as tops, pants, dresses, etc., then sort into colors, group black, red, orange, brown, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white.
      • Shoes, shoes, shoes…Definitely sort by style, pumps, high boots, low boots, etc. If you have the opportunity, store
        shoes in plastic containers but if not, just do your best to organize them with the box label facing outward to help in identifying them.
      • Now that your closet is tidy, finish the task by spritzing the closet with your favorite Room & Fabric Freshener. Our favorite is the Gardenia.

Living room


      • Begin by vacuuming the entire room, including under the furniture. Spot-treat stains with an effective eco and pet-friendly carpet stain remover.
      • Rent a carpet cleaning machine or call a carpet cleaning company to deep clean the entire carpet.


      • With a microfiber cloth, polish the legs and tops of all tables and chairs with an eco-responsible furniture polish.
      • For the sofa, vacuum the entire frame and cushions then check for spots and treat stains. If you’re using a new stain removal product or have new fabric on your furniture, be sure to test a small area hidden area before treating larger more noticeable spots.
      • Lastly, refresh the sofa and room with room & fabric freshener to neutralize odors.

windowswindows, fixtures & more

      • Wipe/dust blinds and ceiling fan blades (be sure the fan is in its “off”position).
      • Dry clean curtains, if possible.
      • Wipe the tops of windowsills, vents & light switches.
      • Clean base boards, doors and windowsills with an all-purpose cleaner.
      • Swap out air conditioning and heating filters.

Laundry room

      • Sweep laundry room floors.
      • Wipe laundry room cabinet doors and shelves—if you have laundry baskets, wipe those down with all-purpose cleaner.
      • Rinse out any detergent trays & remove lint from
        dryer screen.
      • Wipe down the outside of your washer and dryer.
      • Mop laundry room floors with a child and pet-friendly
        floor cleaner.

Congratulations—you’re done!

happy cleaning!

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