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Want an Easy Way to Save? Here’s 6 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

It feels good to get the most out of your products. Even items like dryer sheets can be recycled and turned into something else. These alternative uses for dryer sheets might seem crazy, but try them for yourself, they work!

1| Quiet squeaky shoes

You can finally silence that squeaky pair of shoes once and for all with a dryer sheet. Rub the sheet on the shoes’ soles and the residue from the fabric softener should minimize the friction and the sound. And if you use Grab Green’s Wet Dryer Sheet, rest assured knowing you’re using a product that has NO animal fat and is totally biodegradable. Win, win.

2 | Keep the insects away

Sheets with linalool and beta citronellol keep the mosquitos away. They’re also natural ingredients found in flowers and plants. Next time you’re at an outdoor cookout or family barbecue, try tying a sheet around your belt loop or lawn chair and revel in the absence of insects!

3 | Comfort your pets

When a storm rolls in, the first thing we want to do is comfort our furry friends from the anxiety that drives them to hide under the bed or in closets. Next time your dog or cat runs for the hills during a thunderstorm, rub your pet’s coat with an unscented dryer sheet. Storms generate static electricity that causes discomfort and anxiety for our animals, so eliminating the uneasiness around them will do them a world of good.

4 | Clean your hairbrush

Lastly, test a dryer sheet out on your hairbrush. Put a sheet in a bowl of warm water and soak the brush for 30 minutes. Pull out the loose, left-over hair with a cloth or another hairbrush. Your hairbrush will be as good as new. 

5 | Wipe away furniture dust

After the second use of Grab Green’s Wet Dryer Sheet, quickly and simply wipe and remove dust on wood furniture. One quick wipe and dust disappears.  

6 | Reduce cost and reusable dryer sheets

Did you know, Grab Green Wet Dryer Sheets are reusable and cut costs? That’s right each Grab Green Wet Dryer Sheet is good for TWO loads!
Grab Green’s non-toxic Wet Dryer Sheets leave your laundry amazingly soft and manageable. The hypoallergenic formula works to soften and remove static cling from your garments with naturally-derived ingredients that leave zero residue on clothing.

BONUS! Here are 9 more ways you can use Dryer Sheets (these are ideas from our fans and customers!)

7 | Use in pots and pans to remove burnt-on food residue

Just toss in a sheet, fill with water and let it sit over night. The food will easily wipe away the next morning!

8 | Use in gym bags and diaper bags to help minimize unsavory odors!

Need we say more?!

9 | Remove pet hair

All of those little hairs on your couch and clothing can easily be wiped away with a dryer sheet. 

10 | Clean a dryers lint trap

Since they’re in the laundry room anyway, recycle them by swiping clean your dryer’s lint trap.

11 | Use on Swiffer Broom

“I wrap used dryer sheets around my swiffer broom and sweep them over the hardwood floors to get up dog hair. Much cheaper that Swiffer Pads.” – Barbie Lewis

12 | Sew inside stuffed animals and pillows

Sew dryer sheets inside of pillows or bears so they always smells wonderful.

13 | Use as waster paper basket liners

14 | Place inside areas that will be closed up for a long time

Winter clothes storage bins, camper vans and any other area that will be closed for a while. When you open it up it will smell wonderful!


15 | To repel unwanted bugs

You can wipe your legs with dryer sheets or tie it around a hair tie when you have to sit outside of a while. Keeps away the bugs without the nasty chemicals.

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9 Responses to Want an Easy Way to Save? Here’s 6 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

  1. DeAnna says:

    You may use a new or used dryer sheet to clean a well-used cookie sheet/jelly roll pan (one with edges). If you add the dryer sheet to the pan with enough water to cover the bottom of the pan, you let it set overnight. It will make the grungy pan much easier to wipe clean in the morning.

  2. Tracy Dworsky says:

    After using them in the dryer, I use Grab Green dryer sheets to scent my dresser drawers like those expensive shelf liners. They provide a light lingering scent which is just a little bonus gift.

  3. Yvette says:

    Great for wiping windows down.

  4. Clean your electronics with them ! Good for computer screens, TV screens, cell phones etc

  5. Carey says:

    Wipe down my pets to keep allergens off them and has a light clean smell. I don’t have to bathe them as often so it’s water wise.

  6. They will also repell mosquitoes from a room. My Sister and I went to Africa and every night before we went to bed we put the dryer sheets out on the tables to keep the mosquitoes away. It worked everytime.

  7. Kim says:

    Add to a pot that needs to soak, fill with water and leave overnight. The next morning, simply wipe away the grease or grime, using the sheet as a disposable sponge.

  8. Malika says:

    wipe base boards

  9. Cherylynn says:

    Picking up hair after cutting the kids get haircuts or a trim. Sticks to the dryer sheets like magic.