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beautifully-simple cleaning products for a healthy, happy home


I’m not ashamed to admit it - sometimes sliding under a cozy, clean down comforter is the best part of my day. I like having a tidy houseand as I’m putting on fresh sheets, there’s always that little voice in the back of my head – should I wash my comforter, too? So,what’s the best way to clean a comforter? 

The first thing you need to decide is: Do you need to wash your comforter? There are two schools of thought about how often to clean a down comforter. The first is if the motion of your washing machine will damage the delicate down stuffing and shorten the life of your comforter. Therefore, you should go as long as possible between washings. The other thought maintains that body oils will do more damage than the cleaning process, and you should do it once per year. Human oil contains primarily sodium, which is carried to the surface through natural daily activity, especially after you sweat. After the liquid dissapates, the sodium stays on your skin, often covering your bedding. The key to efficient cleaning is to do it before the dirt becomes heavy and to know the fabrics involved. But generally, experts recommend washing your comforter every 3-5 years.

Here's what you need to do to sleep tight under a fresh and clean comforter:






         Sewing supplies

         Stain treating spray  

         Gentle laundry detergent 

         Front loading washer / dryer

         New/Clean Tennis balls (yes, really!)


         1. Sew up any rips, tears or small holes before you get started - you don't want the stuffing coming out.

         2. Spot treat any stains you see, especially body oils from you or your pet.

                     *If your comforter is white, you may be able to use a little hydrogen  peroxide on a  cotton swab.

                     *If you have biological stains, like blood or saliva, rinse them thoroughly in cold water before you start.

          3. Put the comforter in a large front-loading washing machine.

          4.  Wash it on the delicate cycle, in lukewarm water and a mild detergent. 

                    *Harsh soap, or too much can destroy delicate comforters.

                    *You may choose to rinse the comforter again if all the soap didn't come out.

          5. Put the comforter in the dryer on its lowest setting (Delicate) - add 2-3 new tennis balls.

                  *Tennis balls help fluff your wet comforter as it dries- this trick is also great for sweaters.

          6. Check it every 30 minutes or so and don’t over-dry.


           1. Proceed With Caution

           2. Top loading washers with their central agitators can ruin your bedding!

           3.  If your washer is a top loader or too small, visit a local laundromat with extra large machines.

           4.  Try to stop the washer part-way through the cycle to check that the load balance is even. 

           5.  You can also put a pair of clean, white tennis shoes in at the start to keep your load well-distributed.

         Here Comes the Sun! 

             If you have a backyard, you can also spread out your comforter to dry naturally in the sun.

         Cover Up

             A duvet cover, which can be laundered with your sheets, will protect and extend the life of your comforter.


             Cleaning a bulky comforter can be daunting, but with this easy guide, it will be as good as new!