Table of Contents
1 | What you'll need
2 | How it's done
3 | Stubborn Blood Stains
4 | That was easy!

If you're wondering how to remove blood stains from clothes, you're not alone. Blood stains are particularly difficult to remove because it they are protein stains, specifically a hemoglobin protein. Hemoglobin protein holds tight to fabric because of its thick consistency. Blood is red because its cells are red, and once the iron in blood interacts with the air we breathe, oxygen, its true color shines. You might be worried about how to remove the stain, but you can take a deep breath. Below are the tips you need to remove that stain and save your clothes.

1 | What you'll need

  • 2 tbs. of salt
  • 1 tbs. of shampoo or dish soap

2 | How it's done

  1. 1. Use Cold Water in a Hurry

    • Try to get the stain under COLD water ASAP! Warm water will bind blood to the fabric.

    • Remember, fresh blood is easier to remove than dried blood stains.

    2. Rinse then Soak

    Hold your clothing under COLD water. It is also best to put the clothing inside out!

    • Life Hacker suggests the longer you can rinse the stain, the better the removal.

    • Mrs. Clean advises a 15-minute soak for regular fabric and 10-30 minute soak for delicates.

    3. Use the Blood Stain Removal Recipe

    • Take the fabric out of the water, put one tbs. of salt onto the fabric and gently rub it into stain

    • Add one tbs. of dish soap.

    • Then, add the second tbs. of salt, again working it into the the stain.

    • Rinse with cold water!

3 | Stubborn Blood Stains

To really get the stubborn stain out of your clothes there are a few other options:

Real Simple suggests hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and an enzyme detergent.

Mrs. Clean adds that denture cleaner, lava soap, meat tenderizer, and lemon juice will do the trick.

GrabGreen All Purpose Cleaner Removes Blood Stains

Spray some of this product on your blood-stained fabric, let it sit for a few minutes, and then dab it off!

4 | That was easy

Most homes already have the ingredients needed to remove blood stains. So don't let the fear of getting some red on your clothes keep you from going out and exploring! Follow these tips and cleaning your blood stains will be a piece of cake! If you or a loved one comes back from a day of adventures with grass stains on your clothing you now know what to do! Most households already have the ingredients necessary to remove the often stubborn grass stains. Go out and get dirty knowing that you can now clean it up.

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