1 | What you'll need
2 | How it's done
3 | Expert tips
4 | That was easy!

So you loved every bit of that candy bar...until you looked down and saw some on your favorite pair of jeans, and now you’re wondering about chocolate stain removal. Chocolate comes from a recipe that includes shell-less, liquified cocoa beans, cocoa solids, cocoa butter, fats, and sugar. It's not so enjoyable once it lands on your clothes though, and it's best treated quickly. But don’t worry, removing chocolate stains is not an impossible task!

1 | What you'll need

  • A dull knife or spoon
  • Cold water
  • Laundry detergent
  • Natural enzyme cleaner (optional)

2 | How it's done

  1. 1. Scrape off all the chocolate you can with a dull knife or spoon.
    *This will ensure that you only leave behind the stubborn spots you'll really need to focus on
    *It also prevents additional chocolate from getting smudged into the fabric as you work.

    2. Rinse the fabric with cold water, allowing the water to run through from the back of the stain.

    3. Apply a few dots of liquid detergent to the area and spread it over the stain.

    4. Let it set for 5 minutes, then place the garment in cold water for 15 minutes.

    5. After 15 minutes, return to the clothing and rub the detergent around again.

    6. Repeat Step 5 as many times as necessary until the stain has mostly disappeared.
    * Due to dairy content, a natural-enzyme cleaner may be necessary to remove what's left behind.
    * Gaiam has tips for finding one of these or creating your own.
    *Everyday Roots also has a citrus enzyme cleaner you can make to have on hand later for stains.

    7. Wash the garment as you normally would.

    8. Don't place garment into the dryer until you're sure the stains are gone (the heat will set the stain).

3 | Expert tips

  • Not everything stained by chocolate can be treated in the method above.
  • Real Simple has chocolate stain removal tips for carpet!
    Always test your stain-removal product on a hidden area of fabric in case discoloration occurs.
  • Eat less chocolate to avoid stains. Just kidding. We'd never tell you to do that!
If you don't think you'll be able to get your hands on an enzyme cleaner any time soon (but your chocolate stain seems to require a little something extra) or your stain is on the carpet instead of your clothes, check out
Mrs. Clean's
suggestion of a combination of ammonia and water.

4 | That was easy

Chocolate stains seem like they'd like to stay around forever, but you can get rid of them with a little dedication. The only thing you may not have on hand right now for its removal is an enzyme cleaner, and it's good to have one of those around anyway, since they're so powerful.

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