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1 | What you'll need
2 | How it's done
3 | Expert tips
4 | That was easy!

While it's great to enjoy all that nature has to offer, we could do without the stains it leaves on our jeans, khakis, and cotton! Grass stains can be the toughest type to remove because they are essentially dye stains. The composition of grass is so similar to the natural fibers that make up most clothing that it actually binds to the fabric. So, how do you remove grass stains? Everything you need to know is below!

1 | What you'll need

  • 1 tbs. of dish soap
  • 2 tbs. of hydrogen peroxide

2 | How it's done

  1. 1. Run the faucet with warm water and hold the clothing under the water until it is damp. The sooner you can get to the stain the easier it will be to remove!

    2. Mix 1 tbs. of dish soap and 2 tbs. of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl or spray bottle.

    3. Pour the recipe directly onto the grass stain.

    4. Let the solution soak on the fabric for 10 minutes. For tougher grass stains, Organic Authority recommends filling a sink or bucket with warm water, pouring the grass stain removal recipe into the water and letting the fabric soak in the water solution for 10 -15 minutes.

    5. Rinse your clothing under warm water once more until there are no soap residue left.

    6. Run your clothing through the wash like normal.

3 | Expert tips


Use the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. The water temperature for each article of clothing can often be found on the clothing label.

Kidspot recommends not putting the article of clothing into the dryer until you are sure that the grass stain has been removed.

GrabGreen All Purpose Cleaner and Laundry Detergent

If you own our All Purpose Spray you can use it instead of making a recipe. Just spray the All Purpose onto the stain and run it through the wash like normal. For the best results, use a pod of our 3-1 laundry detergent with a pod of our Bleach Alternative. The enzymes in the products successfully break down the proteins that are in the grass stain.

4 | That was easy

If you or a loved one comes back from a day of adventures with grass stains on your clothing you now know what to do! Most households already have the ingredients necessary to remove the often stubborn grass stains. Go out and get dirty knowing that you can now clean it up.

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