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beautifully-simple cleaning products for a healthy, happy home


When it’s time to clean and organize your refrigerator, do you find yourself cringing in horror, leaving the room so you’re suddenly too busy to take on the task? Don’t! Getting a clean and organized fridge doesn’t take hours.

A clean and organized refrigerator may seem like something other people can have, but never you. All day long, you and your family are probably shuffling food, beverages, and condiments around, always in search of items that aren’t easily accessible.

Things spill. Bottles and packages get pushed toward the back. Fruit and vegetables get neglected in the back of a drawer. Condiments sit on the door shelf about until they're well past expiration dates. 

Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't need a treasure map to find the creamer? Well, the following steps will have your fridge spic and span in no time!




      Counter space

       A large sink or tub

       A sponge

       Old toothbrush

       Several washcloths or soft towels

       Mild vinegar

       Microfiber cloth

       Glass cleaner (optional)

       1-2 tbsp dish soap

      1.  Unplug your refrigerator so you don’t waste energy while you clean.

      2.  Clean out the door, shelves and drawers and place everything on a clean counter.

      3. Wipe all surfaces of the door’s interior with a damp sponge (a tiny bit of dish soap is optional
      but be sure to go back over those spaces with a clean, damp sponge afterward).

      4. Dry the interior surface of the door.

      5. Replace Shelves

      6. Wipe off sticky jars with a damp cloth & throw out expired food

      7. Fill the sink or tub with warm soapy water.

      8. Now take everything off the shelves and out of the drawers.

      9. Remove the drawers and shelves and wash them in the sink or tub, then towel dry.

      10.  Use a non-toxic glass cleaner on shelves to really make them shine.

      11.Wipe down all the surfaces of the refrigerator’s interior with a damp sponge
      (again,dish soap is optional, and you’ll want to go back over it with a clean sponge
      or towel when you’re done).

      12. For textured surfaces, corners, and especially grimy spots, you can use an old toothbrush.

      13. Plug the refrigerator back in (the most important step!).

      14. Place food back into the fridge, organizing by shelf and drawer - Temperature varies throughout the fridge.
      (To maximize the life of your food it's important to put each item in the right place)

             - Top Shelf: Milk, juices, iced teas & items to be chilled not too cold

             - Middle Shelf: Fish, items labeled "refridgerate after opening,"
              cake, dips, marinara, yogurts, deli meats and cheese. 

             - Lower/Bottom Shelf: Meats, berries, lox and hard vegetables

             - Drawers: Fruits, lettuce, vegetables, herbs and vaccumed sealed goods. 

             - Door: Eggs up top; sauces and bottles in the middle and bottom. 

      14.  Wipe down the outside surfaces with a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner.
      (Apartment Therapy recommends mild vinegar with a washcloth for stainless steel exteriors).

     - Several wide, empty shelves can be organized with baskets. 

     - Choose baskets of similar size, shape, and color. 

     - Label them based on type of food or what your family should eat first, before it expires.

      - Buzzfeed recommends using mats in the fridge for easier clean-up.

     - Always put meat on the bottom shelf to avoid your risk of making yourself sick if it drips.

     - Love mason jar salads? Make several at once. You’ll not only make your refrigerator look more organized! 

     - Remember, not everything needs to go in the fridge!

     - Save some space for leftovers so you don’t have to move everything around 

GrabGreen Dish Soap and Glass Cleaner

Grab Green dish soap is a phosphate-free, gentler alternative to conventional dish soaps, and it comes in three scents and a fragrance-free version.

If you choose to take it to the next level of sparkling cleanliness, our fragrance-free glass cleaner can do the job without phosphates or ammonia.

Schedule a block of time in your schedule one afternoon when the counters and sink or tub are unlikely to be in use by anyone else in your family, and clean, so you don’t have to clean them before you start with the refrigerator. You’ll wonder what took you so long to clean and organize the refrigerator once you realize how much easier it is to find a snack or prepare a meal.