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beautifully-simple cleaning products for a healthy, happy home


You're looking for ways on how to clean your oven when you smell it - sugar burned beyond all recognition, courtesy of last Thanksgiving’s apple pie. Elements to cooking, including the correct temperature and shelf levels, affect not only the cooked food, but depending on the food's consistency, make cleaning tricky and tedious. And let’s not even talk about the smoke. You recognize the signs. You know what they mean. It’s time to go to work. 

Growing up, I never actually learned how to clean my oven. I mean, it’s not like my hippy parents put a lot of stock in deep cleaning – usually, we just moved. For most, that time has passed. But, don’t panic! Follow these easy steps and oven-cleaning tips, and you’ll be back to roasting, broiling, and baking in no time.



       4 tbsp. baking soda


       White vinegar

       Spray bottle

       Dish soap


       Plastic scrubber

       1. Start by removing the oven racks and soak them in lukewarm water and dish soap.

                   *The key to oven cleaning is preparation.

       2. Mix baking soda and one liter of water in a spray bottle and coat the inside of a cold oven.

                    *Make sure you saturate any charred food or stains; wait one hour. 

       3. Test the charred and baked-on food. If it isn’t coming off, douse it again with baking soda and water.

       4. Use a plastic paint scraper to remove the carbonized food, wipe up loosened pieces with a wet towel.

       5. Spray the oven again with the baking soda solution, wait an hour and scrub, removing excess debris.

       6. In your spray bottle, mix half white vinegar and half water. Spray and wipe down one final time.

       7. Use the plastic scrubber on your oven racks, rinse, and replace them in your clean oven.

                     * You can leave the door open and allow the whole thing to air dry, about 30 minutes. 

       Self-Cleaning Ovens

         Make sure you remove the racks and ventilate the area by using a fan or window.

                   *After the cleaning cycle, wipe out your oven with a damp sponge.

       For Tough Messes

       If you’ve had some sort of critical meltdown in your oven, it may be time to clean your oven the old-fashioned way.

                     *Commercial cleaner is caustic - use protection and work in a well-ventilated area.

                     *For best results, coat the oven in cleaner before you go to bed, and wipe it down in the morning.


        If you can clean your stovetop, you can clean your oven sans the harsh chemicals required a generation ago.