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beautifully-simple cleaning products for a healthy, happy home

cookware & bakeware cleaner pods

easily clean your cookware & bakeware in minutes
1) safely removes burnt-on food 2) eliminates grit & grime 3) no scrubbing necessary

Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
Tangerine with Lemongrass
15 Pods
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Real Clean, Real Green

NO SCRUBBING REQUIRED! Removes Burnt-on Food in Minutes

Soaking your dirty pots and pans overnight is a thing of the past. No longer will you wake up to a sink full of gritty, grimy, and goopy cookware that you still have to scrub.

Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods are naturally-derived and really pack a punch to completely rid pots and pans of the most stubborn burnt food and baked-on grease.

Did you get carried away when you were pan searing that halibut? Or cook that rice just a little too long? (Don't even mention that burnt lasagna!)

The magic occurs immediately when the blend of naturally-derived ingredients mixes with water to penetrate the burnt, stuck-on foods. Within minutes of activation, your cookware or bakeware is free of scorched food residue. Simply rinse (you don't even have to repeat) and voilà, it's clean.

  • Instantly clean your burnt pots and pans
  • Naturally-derived ingredients
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Safe for expensive heirloom-quality cookware
  • Overnight soaking not required
  • Effective on 5 types of cookware & bakeware
  • Made in the USA (with domestic & imported materials)

Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods will quickly

  • Remove burnt lasagna, eggs, rice, milk and sugar from the bottom of the pan


Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner will quickly, effectively and naturally clean:

  • Enamel - Dutch Ovens & Braisers
  • Cast Iron - Washable Grill Pans & Griddles
  • Stainless Steel - Sauce Pans, Sauté Pans & Roasting Pans
  • Glassware/Pyrex- Casserole Dishes/Hot Plates, Bread Loaf Pans, Baking Dishes
  • Aluminum - Baking Sheets, Cake Pans, Cupcake & Muffin Pans, Ramekins, Soufflés

Protect Your Heirloom-Quality Cookware & Bakeware 
Don't risk ruining your cookware & bakeware with ineffective remedies and products that require elbow grease, steel wool and other abrasives. Our naturally-derived, and non-toxic formula is safe and biodegradable.

Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods were tested on the highest quality cookware lines on the market including:

  • All Clad
  • Le Creuset
  • Ruffoni
  • Mauviel
  • Staub

Baked on grease comes off in minutes, NOT hours or days!

** Not intended for Copper or Teflon.


true transparency

we want you to know what's inside, and why!

If there is any question about the Safety of an ingredient, we find an alternative and we always avoid the use of anything unnecessary.

Patricia Spencer

—co-founder, president & product formulator

How/Why we use it
What it is
sodium carbonate
water softener
Natural mineral; also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals, it’s well known for its everyday use as a water softener and helps detergents fully dissolve for maximum efficacy.
sodium carbonate peroxide
cleans + removes greasy stuff
Natural mineral; oxidizing agent; breaks down into sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleach, and as an antimicrobial agent. The sodium carbonate boosts the bleaching effect of the hydrogen peroxide.
sodium citrate
Natural mineral; helps detergents fully dissolve for maximum efficacy; preserves product appearance and prevents product deterioration; often adjusts pH levels.
tangerine with lemongrass
essential oil blend of canarium luzonicum gum nonvolatiles (elemi) oil, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil, zingiber officinale (ginger) root oil, cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass) oil, salvia sclarea (clary sage) oil, ilex paraguariensis(mate) leaf oil, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) oil, citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil, citrus reticulata rutaceae (tangerine) oil. proprietary, safer man-made ingredient blend.
for a pleasant scent. ensures a consistent scent.
C10-16 alkyl benzenesulfonic acid sodium salt
removes stains
Primarily used as a detergent surfactant, further used in light-duty liquid dishwashing compounds, heavy-duty liquid and powder detergents, all purpose cleaners as well as in personal care products.
hydrated silica
Works as a free-flow agent by coating the surface of the powder, thereby reducing sticky interparticle interactions. Found in nature as opal and in the cell walls of diatoms.
sodium sulfate
absorbs water
A mineral-derived ingredient used as a thickener in cleaners, soaps, and detergents.
polyvinyl alcohol
forms the pod
Biodegradable water soluble film; a colourless, water-soluble resin often utilized in treating textiles and paper.
diamyl sodium sulfosuccinate
boosts cleaning
Used as a cleaning agent, foam stabilizing agent in personal care products, emulsifier and as a wetting agent.
Our fragrances include both natural and safe synthetic elements to give consumers nature-identical fragrances at affordable prices. 
The ‘synthetic’ portion of the fragrance is very innovative.  It comes from citrus pulp (the white stringy stuff in citrus fruit) and terpenes* leftover by manufacturing in the pulp and paper industries which would otherwise be discarded as waste. So rather than throwing that out, they are scientifically changed into fragrant materials we use in our products.
*terpenes are the primary constituents of the essential oils of many types of plants and flowers. 
Because of the processing necessary to turn these substances into a form we can use in our fragrances we cannot call them “all natural” but actually what we are doing is better for the planet as we are upcycling what otherwise would be thrown out.
In addition, we practice the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Code of Practice Guide which has a global commitment to providing fragrances that are safe for use by consumers and the environment.  
In addition to the IFRA set of standards, we abide by the California Air Resources Board, also known as CARB or ARB, is the "clean air agency" in the government of California, one of the strictest states in the US.


Instructions 3 Super Easy Steps!
  • Toss pod into dirty cookware/bakeware
  • Fill with hot water and use utensil to swish and dissolve pod
  • Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes & wash as usual


Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner will quickly, effectively and naturally clean:

      • Enamel - Dutch Ovens & Braisers
      • Cast Iron - Washable Grill Pans & Griddles
      • Stainless Steel - Sauce Pans, Sauté Pans & Roasting Pans
      • Glassware/Pyrex- Casserole Dishes/Hot Plates, Bread Loaf Pans, Baking Dishes
      • Aluminum - Baking Sheets, Cake Pans, Cupcake & Muffin Pans, Ramekins, Soufflés

** Not intended for copper or Teflon or copper. 

This product can be used on many other kitchen items, click to learn more!



1. Are Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods  safe?
Yes, they are safe. Cleaning your burnt cookware with coke, salt, vinegar, baking soda, ammonia or dryer sheets is a waste of energy and could potentially be dangerous! Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods allow you to remove burnt-on food in minutes, using naturally-derived ingredients and a non-toxic and biodegradable formula.

2. How long will they take to clean my dirty pot?
Depending on the severity of the burnt on food, anywhere from 1 - 10 mintes (worst case scenario)

3. Is it safe to use on my expensive le cruest?

4. Can I use it on copper?
No, it is not effective on copper

5. Can i use it on Tefflon?
No. It is not intended for tefflon?

6. On what types of surfaces can I use this product?

  • Enamel - Dutch Ovens & Braisers
  • Cast Iron - Washable Grill Pans & Griddles
  • Stainless Steel - Sauce Pans, Sauté Pans & Roasting Pans
  • Glassware/Pyrex- Casserole Dishes/Hot Plates, Bread Loaf Pans, Baking Dishes
  • Aluminum - Baking Sheets, Cake Pans, Cupcake & Muffin Pans, Ramekins, Soufflés


honest reviews from real customers
  • Katrina


    These little power packed cleaners are Gold!

    I use my oven and stove almost every night for dinners. I was tired of scrubbing baked on food before putting the dish into the dishwasher. I ordered these, tried them out on a clear glass 13 x 13 bake dish. I followed the directions & when I went to rinse the dish off, EVERYTHING slid off of the bakeware. I about fell over, right there. I am in love & will purchase more! The light scent of citrus is a nice touch as well.

  • Kevin



    The cleaning pods are very good all the products this company has are wonderful

  • Laura


    Fabulous product

    This works so well. Not only does it smell nice, easy to use but it works well. Great customer service!

  • Vanessa



    I am amazed by how well this works. And it smells great

  • Elle


    why didn't anyone come up with this sooner!

    Tried this stuff on a whim, thinking I could breathe some life back into all my baking sheets and casserole dishes. Sure enough! With a little extra love, all that old, layered baked-on gunk came clean. And as an added bonus, my sink looks great from the soaking—what a great buy!

  • Natalia



    WOW! I was really impressed with how well this product actually worked! I burnt dinner last night and really did not want to part with my favorite dish. I threw a pod in and some warm water and did not have to scrub anything, it works amazingly well!

  • Lily


    Awesome product

    This product saves me hours. When I burn my food (which is often) i just throw in a pod and presto, pot is clean in under 5 minutes. No more soaking overnight and waking up to a mountain of dishes.

    highly recommended to anyone who occasionally burns their food!

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Tangerine with Lemongrass
This refreshing blend of sweet tangerine and tangy grapefruit is complemented by spicy bergamot and bright, lush lemongrass.
contains essential oils tangerine, bergamot and lemongrass

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