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beautifully-simple cleaning products for a healthy, happy home

real people, loving life + loving what we do!

Patricia Spencer
co-founder & president
Patricia started her first business in the 3rd grade selling hand-decorated pencils to her classmates! She's since had her hands in a gamut of successful projects and eventually began dabbling in the world of chemistry while working hand in hand with scientists to develop liquid vitamins. Patricia revels in creating recipes from home grown, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables and is inspired daily by her two daughters for their focus on pursuing that which will bring growth and genuine happiness in life. After a long and busy corporate day, Patricia can be found in her backyard, feet kicked up, doggies by her side… dirty martini in hand! favorite Grab Green product?
Michael Edell co-founder & CEO Michael started his first company when he was only 19! A true entrepreneur, he is driven by the challenges that come with starting and growing a company and is motivated by creating products that are good for people, the planet and the stakeholders of the company. When not working, Michael loves spending time with his family, taking his two golden doodles on walks, and going to every action or scary movie that comes out no matter how bad it might be. He is also a comic book lover and has the best Silver Surfer collection in the world! favorite Grab Green product? Red pear + magnolia power degreaser >>
Chip Albers director of sales Chip's been involved with Grab Green from the very beginning. His enthusiasm for Grab Green products is nearly unmatched and on the trade show floor he moves seamlessly from talking to buyers to answering questions to the curious passer-by. Chip has grown from an account manager to a proud Director of sales. Having once dabbled in the world of television, he now has an added role with the company as Grab Green's unofficial video production guru. favorite Grab Green product? thyme + fig leaf power degreaser >>
I'm very honored to be a part of something so amazing as Grab Green
Lorna Paxton Ladd director of marketingLorna's favorite things in the whole world are traveling, eating chocolate chip cookie dough and drinking margaritas in the sun (not necessarily at the same time!) Lorna loves her job because it's satisifying  that the work she's doing is also doing some good in the world. When she's not spreading the word about Grab Green, she loves playing with her dogs, paddle boarding and hanging out with her husband Jason and daughter Kaia.favorite Grab Green product? cookware + bakeware cleaner pods >> You've gotta love a product that almost instantly wipes away any evidence that you burnt your lasagna!
Nicole Breitung product & project manager Nicole is best described as a caffeine-obsessed, adventure-seeking animal lover! Her favorite activity? Going hiking with her fiancé Brendan and her fur baby Luka, and she loves planning the destination of her next travel adventure. Nicole enjoys spending her free time outdoors, which is why she's so passionate about keeping the environment clean and healthy, and why working with Grab Green has been a perfect fit for her both personally and professionally. favorite Grab Green product? gardenia room & fabric freshener >>
Tahnie Toland senior account manager Tahnie is all about expressing and creating, whether as a former professional dancer or working to restore classic vintage homes in Los Angeles. She brings that experience and passion to Grab Green— a company she really believes in! She loves the outdoors and a competitive game of tennis is her ideal workout. In her spare time she enjoys working with her husband on their 1960 wooden cabin cruiser. There's nothing better than riding alongside a pod of dolphins with my husband and our dog by my side. favorite Grab Green product? tangerine + lemongrass auto-dish detergent >> I have a lot of favorites when it comes to Grab Green products, but the Auto Dish makes my life so easy—my dishes come out shiny and clean!
Elyse Busenbark in-house design director A dreamer, artist and late bloomer in life, Elyse thrives amongst positive people with kind hearts—which is why she's a perfect fit for Grab Green. She has a passion for the tactile, a keen curiosity for learning, she often imagines her life as a homesteader and continues to work towards ensuring her personal ecological footprint is smaller than her actual footprint—size 6.5! favorite Grab Green product? everything vetiver >>
Julie Turner accounting manager Julie's the laid-back sort who often surprises the company she keeps with an infectious giggle. When she's not busy crunching numbers, she loves to get crafty! Julie designs and creates homemade greeting cards and has become Grab Green's official holiday party invitation-maker. A family woman who looks forward to a day out shopping or an afternoon lounging by the pool, Julie's absolute favorite time is date night with her husband. favorite Grab Green product? thyme + fig leaf power degreaser >>
Lynssie Albers
Lynnsie Albers logistics coordinator Lynnsie loves film and wants to get into film production and screenwriting--and you can always find her with a Stephen King book in her hand. Her mom Julie recommended her for the job at Grab Green and Lynnsie says it's been a blessing to be a part of the team and to be able to work on something so special. favorite Grab Green product? Stoneworks Olive Leaf Laundry Detergent >>
Red Pear + Magnolia Power Degreaser >>
Alex Ow
Alex Ow customer service representative & marketing coordinator  Alex is best described as an avid crafter, a world traveler and a Coca-Cola connoisseur. She’s a fresh baked gingerbread cookie who loves delivering impeccable Customer Service to every customer she speaks to. How did Alex become involved with MaddieBrit Products you ask? During her travels around the world she started to see a common pattern, the world is in need of some serious need of help and she’s here to give it. favorite Grab Green product? Stoneworks Laundry: Rose Petal >>
Britney Spencer
Britney Spencer digital marketing strategist As Digital Marketing Strategist Britney is responsible for creating content and managing web-based tools to create growth for Grab Green. She loves research, learning new things and is always generating new and innovative ideas to improve customer experience and engagement. When she’s not working she enjoys traveling, stopping to pet any and all dogs, working with social-impact community groups, DIY projects, and researching emerging technologies. favorite Grab Green product? All Purpose Cleaner, Thyme with Fig Leaf >>
Kate Carunth
Kate Carruth social media and engagement strategist A free spirit & fearless wanderer, Kate is passionate about exploring the world around her. Amidst her global travels, she discovered a knack for turning strangers into friends as well as realizing that she wants to leave the earth in better shape than she found it. Now, combining these social interests with her technical and organizational skills, Kate has joined the Grab Green Team to help foster Grab Green's eco-conscious and health-focused community. Join us @grabgreen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest as Kate keeps you updated with the latest and greatest green solutions!