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Dish Soap - Red Pear with Magnolia
Great product Edita I love Grab Green dish soap.The pear scent is amazing. After using this dish soap my dishes are sparkling clean and smells amazing. I really love that are no chemicals in this product.I recommend this product to all my friends and family.
Hand Soap - Tangerine with Lemongrass
Great hand soap Edita I love this hand soap. The scent is amazing. I like the fact that is natural no chemicals.After using this product my hands are clean ,smells great and my hands are not dry. I will purchase this product in the future and recommend to all my friends and family.
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All Purpose Cleaner - Thyme with Fig Leaf
The Best all round.... Sheri Foster Blake I have been searching for cleaning products that do the job and do not have a toxic order. This is the product! I live on both costs and both residents use Thyme and Fig Leafe cleaning products. There is no better.
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Wet Dryer Sheets - Fragrance Free
Love these!!! Denise I am very sensitive to the chemicals in most dryer sheets. I had given up on ever finding one until I tried these. I was skeptical about a "wet" dryer sheet as I had honestly never heard of one. They are the best. Reduces static, my clothes are soft and I don't don't break out like I do from other dryer sheets.
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3 in 1 Laundry Detergent - Fragrance Free
5-Star Product - For Everybody! Andrea this one's a winner - no chemicals, no junk of any time - and it does what it's supposed to do - and if you have allergies like I do, you can use this too - there is NOTHING in it that will make you worse!
3 in 1 Laundry Detergent - Gardenia
Softness, great fagrance Susanna 3 in 1 laundry detergent Gardenia. Amazing detergent I've used. It's so soft like walking on clouds. Now I say that only because when I got my free sample from @Freeflys website, I used it on my white clothes (mostly my socks). I washed them in cold water and they came out bright, when I air dry them the smell of Gardenia filled my wash room ahh freshness. I will be buying more to keep the aroma feeling through out my home and neighborhood. Friends and family this is a detergent is a must on your list.
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cookware & bakeware cleaner pods
These little power packed cleaners are Gold! Katrina I use my oven and stove almost every night for dinners. I was tired of scrubbing baked on food before putting the dish into the dishwasher. I ordered these, tried them out on a clear glass 13 x 13 bake dish. I followed the directions & when I went to rinse the dish off, EVERYTHING slid off of the bakeware. I about fell over, right there. I am in love & will purchase more! The light scent of citrus is a nice touch as well.
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Room and Fabric Freshener - Immortelle with Jasmine
Great scent, multi-use Andry I purchased the immortelle Jasmine, lavender vanilla and vetiver - all smell great and are wonderful for freshening the air as well as laundry. After taking a walk during work hours I spritz my clothes ... wonderful. Also great for removing the smell of food from my vehicle after transporting food from a restaurant to the office or having a quick lunch in my office or vehicle.
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Stoneworks laundry detergent - Oak Tree
Great detergent Andry I enjoy the cleansing power of all of the pods; oak tree is my favorite scent- woodsy with a powdery finish. As natural products often do not immediately remove stains like chemical-laden products, I would strongly recommend soaking or pre-treating any stains prior to washing.
Bleach Alternative - Fragrance Free
Convenient and effective Andry These pods are effective and convenient, great for eliminating overuse of product.