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everyday essentials bundle
Love the kitchen degreaser! Trish I have been using the Tangerine Lemongrass degreaser for 2 weeks now and i absolutely love it! It smells great, cleans well, and doesnt have that strong chemical smell that other products do. Instead its fresh and fragrant. I clean up the counters, stove, and other kitchen areas (cupboards,microwave) and its found its way to daily use around here. Im excited to try the other scents as well. Thanks for making this great product :)
Automatic Dishwasher Detergent - Tangerine with Lemongrass
Best dishwasher cleaner! Karen Jacobs I've been buying and loving these products for about a year! No harmful ingredients and love the fresh tangerine and red pear smell!!!! Buying over and over again!!!
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Test Test Test
Stoneworks laundry detergent - Rain fragrance free
Stoneworks Laundry Sandy I bought both the Birch Branch and Rain laundry detergents. I love both of them. I use the Rain scent for clothes and the Birch for sheets and towels since its a bit stronger scented. I like the fact that the bags are easy to open and close.I have arthritis in my hands and theres products on the market where you have to line up zipper notches,etc and my fingers won't cooperate. These are so much easier to use .I definitely recommend either scent and can't wait to try the others.
Room and Fabric Freshener - Thyme with Fig Leaf
Thyme with Fig Room Spray Sandy I love the scent of this. I will spray a bit on my pillows and sheets and the scent is very nice and lasts.Its very fresh smelling and would definitely recommend it.
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Room and Fabric Freshener - Vetiver
Bought 4 more already! Ks People complained this spray didn't smell like the pods so I bought one just to see. These smell great! They aren't exactly like the pods but I still think it's very similar to them! Enough of a similarity I bought 4 more today!
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3 in 1 Laundry Detergent - Vetiver
Amazing! Ks These pods are the best! They get our dog blankets clean and gets rid or any and all wet dog smell and leaves an amazing smell that lasts for days. I will never go back to anything else.
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cookware & bakeware cleaner pods
Good Kevin The cleaning pods are very good all the products this company has are wonderful
more home-care cleaning solutions
Wet Dryer Sheets - Fragrance Free
Perfect Sheryl I am highly allergic to chemicals. These dryer sheets are perfect for me. Clothes are static free and soft and I have NO reactions!!!
more home-care cleaning solutions
All Purpose Cleaner - Tangerine with Lemongrass
all products and workers at this office kevin all the products are wonderful all the workers that work there are wonderful alex ow is doing a wonderful job the products are very good to use and I jut wonderful from kevin the products is very good and it gets the job done