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beautifully-simple cleaning products for a healthy, happy home

garbage disposal freshener & cleaner

works triple duty to remove odors, prevent clogging and loosen grime.
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Red Pear with Magnolia
12 Pods
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Real Clean, Real Green

Eliminate odors from your garbage disposal the easy and natural way!

Keep your garbage disposal running at its very best with our naturally-derived disposal pods. Each one is pre-measured to deliver potent odor busting ingredients that loosen grimy buildup and keep unwanted odors at bay.

The synergy of  earth friendly ingredients work together to prevent clogs and elminate odors so food scraps go down easily and your kitchen stays cleaner and fresher.

Unlike other disposal cleaners, ours are made from eco-responsible and safe ingredients that won’t fill your home with harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive lungs. Free of phosphates, chlorine, and dyes our pods are made for safety as well as effectiveness.

With every use, you’ll enjoy the fresh, crisp scent of red pear mixed with the earthy notes of cedar essential oil for a clean fragrance with every use. Just toss the pods in the disposal, turn it on, and enjoy. For even more captivating red pear fragrance and cleaning action, pair with our Red Pear Dishwasher Detergent.

Garbage Disposal Cleaner pods are cruelty-free, never tested on animals and made in the USA (from domestic and imported materials)


true transparency

we want you to know what's inside, and why!

If there is any question about the Safety of an ingredient, we find an alternative and we always avoid the use of anything unnecessary.

Patricia Spencer

—co-founder, president & product formulator

How/Why we use it
What it is
sodium carbonate
water softener
Natural mineral; also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals, it’s well known for its everyday use as a water softener and helps detergents fully dissolve for maximum efficacy.
sodium carbonate peroxid
cleans + removes greasy stuff
Natural mineral; oxidizing agent; breaks down into sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleach, and as an antimicrobial agent. The sodium carbonate boosts the bleaching effect of the hydrogen peroxide.
sodium citrate
Natural mineral; helps detergents fully dissolve for maximum efficacy; preserves product appearance and prevents product deterioration; often adjusts pH levels.
red pear with magnolia
essential oil of juniperus virginiana (cedarwood) oil. proprietary, safer man-made ingredient blend.
for a pleasant scent. ensures a consistent scent.
C10-16 alkyl benzenesulfonic acid sodium salt
removes stains
Primarily used as a detergent surfactant, further used in light-duty liquid dishwashing compounds, heavy-duty liquid and powder detergents, all purpose cleaners as well as in personal care products.
hydrated silica
Works as a free-flow agent by coating the surface of the powder, thereby reducing sticky interparticle interactions. Found in nature as opal and in the cell walls of diatoms.
sodium sulfate
absorbs water
A mineral-derived ingredient used as a thickener in cleaners, soaps, and detergents.
polyvinyl alcohol
forms the pod
Biodegradable water soluble film; a colourless, water-soluble resin often utilized in treating textiles and paper.
diamyl sodium sulfosuccinate
boosts cleaning
Used as a cleaning agent, foam stabilizing agent in personal care products, emulsifier and as a wetting agent.
Our fragrances include both natural and safe synthetic elements to give consumers nature-identical fragrances at affordable prices. 
The ‘synthetic’ portion of the fragrance is very innovative.  It comes from citrus pulp (the white stringy stuff in citrus fruit) and terpenes* leftover by manufacturing in the pulp and paper industries which would otherwise be discarded as waste. So rather than throwing that out, they are scientifically changed into fragrant materials we use in our products.
*terpenes are the primary constituents of the essential oils of many types of plants and flowers. 
Because of the processing necessary to turn these substances into a form we can use in our fragrances we cannot call them “all natural” but actually what we are doing is better for the planet as we are upcycling what otherwise would be thrown out.
In addition, we practice the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Code of Practice Guide which has a global commitment to providing fragrances that are safe for use by consumers and the environment.  
In addition to the IFRA set of standards, we abide by the California Air Resources Board, also known as CARB or ARB, is the "clean air agency" in the government of California, one of the strictest states in the US.


how to use
turn on faucet & run a slow stream of warm water
drop pod into disposal & allow to dissolve
turn on disposal for a few seconds
reseal pouch for freshness
Safety information

Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Do not eat! Harmful if swallowed. If swallowed, drink water and contact a physician.




What’s wrong with just a lemon peel?

  • While citrus peels, such as lemon peels and orange peels, might smell good, they don't really clean. Putting peels in the garbage disposal puts unneeded stress on it as it works to grind them up. With Grab Green Garbage Disposal Freshener and Cleaner you don't have to worry about putting strain on your garbage disposal. Also, it doesn't just mask odor, it removes it!

Does it really clean?

  • The Garbage Disposal Freshener and Cleaner removes odors, prevents clogging and loosens grime. It does an amazing job at keeping the inside of your garbage disposal clean and your kitchen smelling great!

Does it “sanitize”?

  • Grab Green Garbage Disposal Freshener and Cleaner does not sanitize because it is made from naturally-derived, plant and mineral ingredients. It DOES remove odor, loosen grime, and prevent clogging.

Does it get out the smell?

  • Yes! It doesn't just mask odors, it really removes them.

How often do I use it?

  • For best results Grab Green recommends use the Garbage Disposal Freshener and Cleaner twice a week. But if you cook some especially smelly food, you can use it as needed!

How Do Garbage Disposals Work?

Understanding why Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner pods work comes down to understanding the garbage disposal itself, its inner workings, and why naturally derived-ingredients can give you a better clean.

If you had to guess you would probably say that a disposal works like a blender; cutting food into small pieces that easily fit down the drain. But, that isn’t quite how it works. Garbage disposals actually don’t have blades, instead food is thrown against a grind ring over and over again until it’s broken down to tiny particles.

This is why your disposal should be cleaned correctly. Not only can grinders get dirty and promote the growth of bacteria, but they can also lead to a very foul  smell. Our Garbage Disposal Cleaner pods break down easily against grinders and get into every crevice, emitting a fresh scent and helping to keep the garbage disposal in working order. Plus, with no harsh chemicals, they are gentle on your grinders, keeping your garburator working perfectly.

How to Get Smell out of Garbage Disposal

Dealing with a smelly garbage disposal can be an unpleasant job, especially when you don’t know how to remove smell from the garbage disposal. Throw away your homemade recipes, “safe” chemical cleaners, and dissolving citrus balls that just don’t seem to do anything.  Stop asking yourself what you can use to clean a garbage disposal, and pick a product you know will work every time, to remove odors, grime, and leave your disposal sparkling, no matter what’s been down it in the past.

Clean your Smelly Garburator—Without Harsh Chemicals

When looking for smelly garbage disposal solutions, avoiding chemicals and harsh fumes should be your number one priority. Not only can they adversely affect your health, but they are a big cause of environmental harm.

In the US alone, nearly 6.2 billion pounds of cleaning chemicals are consumed yearly and most all of these chemicals can have an adverse effect on the environment. They pollute water sources, killing wildlife in lakes, streams, and ponds; and can seep into the ground, making it almost unusable for anything but dumping.

Traditional garbage disposal cleaners use plastic casings that not only hurt animals but don’t dissolve, leaving bits of plastic anywhere they travel.

By using a green alternative you can be sure that no harsh chemicals will be used and that the pods will dissolve; making them a very eco-responsible option.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning Tips

Dealing with a smelly garbage disposal can be a tough job. But by keeping up with garburator maintenance you will eliminate foul smells, cut down on grime, and ensure that your cleaner and freshener is performing at it’s highest potential. For easy garbage disposal odor removal follow these quick maintenance tips.

  • Always Grind Food Completely: Wait until the disposal is done to turn it off. Food build-up can not only cause clogs, but can lead to growth of bacteria, mold, and cause odor.

  • Don’t Overfill: Most garbage disposals can fit approximately 2-3 tablespoons of food at once for grinding. If you have more than this, simply put the food into the disposal a little bit at a time. This can prevent clogging.

  • Rinse: After grinding all your food, run the water for another 30 seconds to ensure all waste has been washed down the drain. This prevents the growth of bacteria on leftover food scraps, which can create odors.

  • Don’t Use Hot Water: Always use cool or warm water with your disposal. Using hot water can melt fats and cause foods to stick to your grinder, creating a jam that will need to be fixed by a professional.

  • Clean It Once a Week: Every week make sure you are using a garbage disposal cleaner to clean out particles of food waste, freshen up the grinding chamber, and prevent clogging. Our garbage disposal pods only take a few seconds to work and are a green, effective way to rid your disposals of smells and grime. Simply throw one in, grind it up, and your good to go! Cleaning your disposal once per week will keep it fresh and bacteria free.


honest reviews from real customers
  • Cambria,


    My garbage disposal never smelled so good!

    I love this product! Why haven't I tried it before? It's easy to use and the smell that is produced is very pleasant. Plus, I feel good about the product I am putting down the drain. Highly recommend it!

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Red Pear with Magnolia
Revive your senses with an enticing blend of crisp red pear, white magnolia blossoms and dew-covered greens.
contains the essential oil cedarwood

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