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beautifully-simple home cleaning products for a healthy, happy home


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: create products families can safely and confidently welcome into their homes.

We are a small, passionate group striving to do the impossible: change the dominant paradigm. People deserve to have clean, healthy homes without paying the high price of dangerous chemicals. For too long, has there been a gap in the market. Products may have been green, but let’s be honest, they have not been effective.

We strive to fill that void, and to build a productive, lively community around this passion. We want a connection to people who care about the environment both at large, and right in their homes. Our philosophy is to set our own bar, grow together, and bring to life and market as many safe, effective and innovative products as we can concoct in our wildest dreams. Little corny? Perhaps, but we’ll take cheesy dreamers over complacent bottom-liners any day of the week.


Our Guiding Principles

At Grab Green, our products go far beyond the realm of safe for home and planet. We don’t rest until our designs and formulas compete with conventional cleaners, and until your experience is effortless, and dare we say joyful.


Our founder is a mother of two who saw what was out there and refused to bring what she knew to be dangerous into her home. We care about our community in the exact same way. We do not rest until our products are as safe, sustainable and effective as humanly possible.


Our fragrances are designed to envelop you in the beauty of nature without the use of chemicals. Our scents are painstakingly hand-crafted to awaken the mood you seek, striking a delicate balance of plant-derived elements to leave you enlivened, rejuvenated, and aware that what you’re using is as good for the planet as it smells.


Just like scent, aesthetics can affect our mood. Leave your Grab Green essentials out on the counter? No problem. Look at them. We care about how we look, and more importantly, about using sustainable, effective packaging. Our products are designed to be easy on the eyes, easy on the environment, and easy to use.



Life is messy enough. Cleaning should be the easy part. Fun, even, if we may be so bold. We work tirelessly to formulate products that are not just safe and sustainable, but EFFECTIVE. They compete with conventional alternatives for this reason, and this reason alone: THEY WORK. Our products get the job done without all the nasty stuff, so you can stop worrying and start smiling.


We are restless innovators. Our passion keeps us awake at night. You can count on us to have, if possible, higher expectations than you. Our number one priority is providing quality across the board: in our products, the ingredients we use, and the way we interact with you. Your experience matters to us, and as men and women using these products at home, our team knows firsthand how truly lovely it can be to have a quality experience.


We are a small team of parents and family members who value honesty and directness. Our children’s safety depends on transparency of process and ingredients. That’s why we’re here: to provide (and have for ourselves) an honest product line. From production to packaging to distribution and beyond, our process is an open book. Have a question? Drop us a line or call. We’d love to hear from you.